Thursday, January 29, 2015

Playing Catch Up

I have fallen a bit behind on blogging, but I have a really good excuse.  I spent last Thursday through Sunday serving at Girls' Chrysalis, a spiritual retreat for young women from 15-22 yrs. of age. It was my privilege to serve these young women, as well as the staff (about 100 people) as part of the Kitchen Team. We were up before six and back in the dorm after ten most nights. My feet and back were aching, but my heart was full.  What a privilege to serve the Lord in this way.  We had a great team, lots of laughter, and I became "Gram" to some of the teens on the team.
This is a photo they posted on Snapchat....yes, I learned something I am on Snapchat ;-))

I have to admit, it has taken me a good part of the week to recover.  These old bones just aren't what they used to be.

I finished this Lucy block last night.......#12.  Found the center fabric with the woman in my repro stash.  It had no selvedge, so I have no idea what the line is, but I thought it was pretty cool.

I added the background to this one today.  I plan to go back and add background to the ones that don't have it a little bit at a time.  I do love how it makes the colors look so different.

Last weekend was Mother-Son Dance on Friday night, and Father- Daughter Dance on Saturday night at Macy & Jackson's school. 
Looking good!!

More catching up tomorrow. 

Great Advice.....some I could heed a lot of nights.

Take Care,

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  1. Snapchat? You are WAAAAY ahead of me.
    Your quilt squares are so pretty.
    Great dance pictures. You have a beautiful family.
    Hugs :)