Saturday, January 10, 2015

ScrapHappy Saturday Blue #2

The second blue block for RSC2015 is Card Trick. I must admit that whenever I have looked at this block before, my eyes have crossed and I moved right on to something else.  This time, I paid attention to the simple instructions, and it is a go. Not perfect, but not bad either.  These blocks are increasing my proficiency with the Easy Angle and Companion rulers, too.  I bought them a long time ago because Bonnie Hunter uses them, but I never became really comfortable with them. Looks like these blocks will give me a workout with them.  Thanks, Angela!  I am linking up with So Scrappy for ScrapHappy Saturday with this block.  Go see what other participants are doing.

Today I got a great gift in the mail from Jan at Sewing Adventures!  I am so excited.....I rarely win anything....but this time I hit the jackpot.  Thanks for a bright beginning for the NY!

The past two days have been busy. Back to the sewing machine shop to pick up the Bernina, lunch with my niece and a visit with my sister and brother in law at their assisted living residence yesterday.

I was able to get some prepping done on the Lucy blocks, though.

Today was Chrysalis training, lunch out with hubby, a few errands and a nice nap (does that count as busy??).

Take Care,


  1. Great prep for the Lucy. Good job on your Card Trick block. Happy Scrappiness

  2. Well done on your block. I am like you I have had these 2 rulers for a while and I had only used the Easy Angle ruler. So it was great to be able to use both rulers.

  3. Sounds busy to me. Looks like you've already reached proficiency with the easy angle ruler. Great work.

  4. Your RSC sampler block looks great! I like the Card Trick fabrics!

  5. Lovely card trick block. You're really getting the hang of those rulers.