Saturday, January 3, 2015

Projects for the NY

First of all, after receiving several nice comments on the sweet silhouette on my header, it occurred to me that I had not properly credited the source.  Thank you, Graphics Fairy, for your sweet images and generosity.

I am a BOM junkie. I have a gazillion neat little bags crammed into bigger bags of BOM kits....started and not.  I cannot resist. Yikes! So, what do I do????? Well, start new ones, of course.
I do think I can stay focused on these. They are pretty simple. One comes in the mail, the other is free online and uses my stash.

The first one is Prairie Burgoyne from Temecula Quilt Company. It is a reproduction of a lovely red and white antique quilt. I am not so sure this first block reads as red and white as I expected, but this shop consistently turns out a nice product, so I will just trust.

The second, from So Scrappy,  is not exactly a BOM, but yet it is.  Called the Rainbow Scrap Challenge, it is a plan for using scraps monthly by color, and there is a block plan that you can use in anyway you like.  Sounds like fun.  I decided to make the suggested Sawtooth Block, but with a scrappy black star setting and solid white background,  using the color of the month for the six inch sampler blocks in the center. You get patterns for 2-3 blocks a month.  This month is blue, but not navy or indigo.  You can also challenge yourself to use your blue scraps for other projects.  I rather like the way this one turned out....very crisp and not my usual choice of colors.

I started free motion quilting a UFO wallhanging, but my machine was not cooperating. Off it went to the shop today.  So, I cut the last two blocks of the Country Threads 2014 BOM. It is mostly assembled, so once these two blocks are done, it will be a cinch to complete.  It is going to be a big quilt!

The generosity of others.
Winter greens from the garden.
Creamy lotion on dry, chapped skin.

Take Care,


  1. Your quilts are going to be lovely. Some day I'd love to learn how...but right now there are just enough hours in the day to tackle something new.
    Hugs :)

  2. Yes.... BOM's are fun... and since they sound so easy (1 block a month)... it's VEARY easy to have too many each month... lol! I have about 6 "collected" BOM's... but, will try my best to resist more until these are compete. Love the red & white block... Temecula is one of my favorite shops too! I really enjoy their Summer programs.

  3. Your sampler block turned out beautifully! Great start to using your blues up.