Monday, January 19, 2015

January of the Dresdens

More scrappy Monday progress on the Dresdens.  I now have fourteen of the plates pieced and all of the wedges stitched, turned and pressed.... Ready to finish the remaining six! WooHoo :-))

And this is the next part of the plan.
I want to move out of my comfort zone a bit and give these very traditional Dresdens a more modern setting with the gray background and black and white polka dot centers.  The sashing will likely be the black and white dot, too.  I think that the gray takes the edge off the mish mash of blues, too.

I can't decide whether to machine buttonhole stitch or hand applique the blocks to the backing.....I am leaning towards machine stitching as I am not sure if I want to commit the time it takes to hand stitch this particular project.

Hope all of you got a little stitching time in on this bright, sunshiney day.

Take Care,

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