Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Binding and Buddy

I am about half done binding Meadow Cosmos. I love to bind and this is perfect weather for it........a warm and snuggly quilt over my legs.

Yesterday was the first anniversary of Buddy's adoption. In some ways it seems like yesterday, and in others like he has always been with us. He still has some quirky ways, but we love him dearly and work around them. Wouldn't trade adding him to our family for anything.

Tonight was Bible Study at Kathie's. What a blessing this group of women are! We have been meeting together for about 3 years now and our relationships have really grown.

Take Care,


  1. Binding is not my favorite part of making a quilt. But it is good for watching television.

  2. Buddy is adorable. And I love the look of the quilt that you are binding. I love hand sewing bindings too! xo jan

  3. Binding is not favorite thing for hooked rugs either!!! Wish I had the talent to quilt like you do. Buddy looks adoreable. My Ben is adopted (a Rottweiler). He was 3 years 7 months when I adopted him and his is the most loveable boy. I've had Rotties before and they were also well behaved but those were raised from pups. Ben was grown when I got him but is gentle, loves people, adores my grandson and doesn't want anyone to play rough with my grandson.
    Only bad thing about my boy is he is a car chaser ~ the faster they move the more he wants to give chase. Thankfully the neighbors here know about the problem and either wait until I pass their house or go slow.

    Happy binding m'dear.

  4. Happy adoption day, Buddy. Lucky you. You sure are cute.
    Love to bind? Can I send you a few rugs?
    Hugs :)