Monday, January 5, 2015

Scrappy Monday

Scrappy Monday, proposed by Sheri at A  Quilting Life, seemed the perfect challenge for today, and works hand in hand with RSC2015.  I have been following Sheri's great blog for sometime now. She is quite the talented quilter and designer.....and motivator. And she is most generous in sharing her talents and encouragement.  I am linking up to  her blog with this post.

Using her idea to make scrappy Dresden Plate blocks (one of my all time favorites), and following the lead of the color of the month....Blue.....I dug into my blue scrap bin.  Not being a huge blue fan, there were not so many as in some other bins.  But still, plenty to work from, and lots of those "what was I thinking" kinds that benefit from being sliced into small wedges.  I sliced up enough for about twenty 12" finished blocks.  Still plenty of blue left, by the way.

A quick refresher using Sheri's tutorials, along with an old one from Eleanor Burns proved helpful.  Got a really cool tip from Eleanor on getting those points on each wedge pressed evenly and equally distributed.

Was able to finish three plates this morning and plan to work on them throughout the month. I have some setting ideas in mind. Hopefully it will be a top by the end of the month.

Now it is time to attack those last Country Threads 2014 BOM blocks and get that top assembled and off my plate. It qualifies for today's scrappy theme, too......Reproduction prints in Browns, tans and reds.

Hope you all have a productive, scrappy day!

Take Care,


  1. Wow you accomplished a lot today, good for you. The dresdens look wonderful

  2. Wow! Blues certainly look awesome when they are dresdens! :-) Love that country threads project too.... reds and browns remind me of chocolate covered cherries! yum!

  3. When I see Dresden blocks I always tell myself that I will make one...never have! Yours are very pretty and I do like the tip you gave from Eleanor Burns. That is the awesome thing about blogs....learning what works! Have a great day!

  4. I love that tip from Eleanor Burns, too! My first quilt was from her quilt in a day Irish Chain book!

    Thanks so much for linking up!