Sunday, February 7, 2016

Slowly, slowly

Slow Stitching with Kathy today on #11 of Words to Live By....
resulted in one more completed block.

And then it was on to this mess...
and pressing forward has been slow and steady today.   I am determined to have all of the dog beds and dog bed covers that I have materials for completed and the space clean by bedtime tonight.  Take out pizza for dinner and pushing on.
I need this to be done...I have been overwhelmed with all of this mess, and I just need to have it done and out of here. I have loved being able to give these dog beds, praying as I make each one that some homeless, frightened, lonely dog will find comfort from it. But I need a break. I am making many more covers from donated fabrics, and will share them with others to fill. And I will fill more from my scrap, but not on the same scale as before.  Help me to keep this bow fresh in my mind.

Take Care,

Friday, February 5, 2016

A Woolly Post

Seems most of today's post is wool related. Not a bad thing at all.

First of all, a finish!!
I adore this runner. Everything about it. It was a kit from Diary of a Rugmaker. Cee does the most wonderful early style primitive penny rugs. Her talent is to be addition to that, she is kind, humble and generous. She has done some really good instructional You Tube tutorials. It is well worth it to visit her blog.

On this particular penny rug the instructions were to featherstitch around all of the pennies, but that just didn't work for me. So I used buttonhole stitch and then feather stitched around the outer section. I am happy with that.  I used DMC floss 842 that I over dyed by dumping a bunch of old floss I had...papers and all...into a pot of tan Rit dye. Figured I had nothing to lose, and they turned out great. When I removed the papers, it added a nice lighter color giving me a variegated floss.
Not great photos, but you get the idea.
You can see the variegation here. It also diminished the sheen, making the floss look aged.
I stapled all of my pennies on and the top section to the bottom section. A real timesaver, held everything beautifully and came out without a hitch.

I switched out the bottom to an old Army blanket...the kit had the same gray. I like the contrast.  Cee furnished the aged binding. The pattern didn't call for backing, but I used a homespun and backed it.

Next up, I pulled out Words to Live By. I have the last three of the main dozen blocks fused and ready to stitch. Yesterday I was able to finish off one except for the inking, and start another at Woolgatherers.
Then I will need to do the large central block and four corner blocks in wool applique. After that there will be a million half square triangles to set it with. But it is a gorgeous quilt and worthy of being finished. This will be my main UFO focus in the quilting category.

Tonight I pulled out this rug...
I started it last year in an effort to use up some worms.  The worm bags are not diminished in the fact, they are even fuller now that I have completed these last two rugs. But I think that I will get back to work on this rug as it really was fun. The pattern is My Way by Hooked on George, size 30x54 I think.

I am still plugging along slowly on the Alleitare Mystery Quilt. Nothing exciting to show there.

Sara Ashley attended her last Bedford Middle School dance tonight. So grown up and pretty....and such a sweet blessing.

Another good one from Bonnie Hunter...

Take Care,

Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Tuesday Stuff

Meant to post my January Quilty 365 circles yesterday, but time got away from me.
So, this is January. I have more similar colors than I thought. Need to branch out a bit more in February.

Here are my first two February circles...
More similar colors. But there are plenty of days left in the year to work on that. Visit Audrey to see what others are doing.

I am getting the binding stitched on this runner and will soon have a finish for February. 
A finish at the beginning of the month seems to give me a more positive mind set for accomplishing projects for the remainder of the month.

Plucked this beautiful Camellia from my yard this morning.  It is unseasonably warm here, with temps in the low 70s. Crazy!!

I treated this guy to birthday dinner last night. Three celebratory dinners in a row.

Today was our Master Gardener class. My brain is most definitely on overload.
Nice bunch of folks in our class.

In honor of Buddy and Mattie....and with many thanks to all of those folks who work so tirelessly for these animals.

Take Care,

Sunday, January 31, 2016

Quilty 365, Slowly

Catching up on the last of my Quilty 365
Blocks for Slow Stitching Sunday.  I had them chosen and prepped for each day, but needed to complete the all important stitching.
I am enjoying this little project and can see my applique skills getting a good refresher. Tomorrow I will put the 31 blocks for January up on the design wall and take a pic. Linking up for Slow Stitching Sunday.

Blake has a birthday tomorrow. We started celebrating with friends on Friday night and family today. Tomorrow I will treat him to a nice dinner out. I am so blessed to have this man as my husband.

We had our quarterly lunch with old hospital employees on Wednesday.
Always so much fun to catch up on everyone's lives.  I think it is so great that we have been able to maintain contact and friendships for over 40 years for some of us.

Christopher brought Mattie a new sweater today.
Pink camo. How darned cute is that?

As a struggling procrastinator, I need to post this somewhere frequently visible. Thanks, Bonnie Hunter, for this one.

Take Care,

Saturday, January 30, 2016

A Blue for the RSC

I swore that I would not start the colors for RSC 2016 until I finished last year's. And I almost made it through the month without succumbing.  I didn't start the Row Quilt, although I really want to do it.
But I did make this strip star...
Seems I am really hung up on stars lately.  
I learned that some colors are just too light for the star points. But by that time the block was already assembled, so I will live with it. Linking up with Angela for the RSC. Click on the button on the sidebar to see what others are up to.

I also finished the hooking on my vintage postcard bunny that I started at Caraway last summer.
Another one for the binding pile. It is nice to know that both of my rug camp projects will be finished, not UFOs.

Picked these beautiful harbingers of Spring up at the grocery this week...on sale for $2.75!

We have a second new layer at the hen house. Look at how splotchy this one is in comparison to the other.

Miss Mattie is settling in. She is cute and sweet and mighty spunky.

Napping with Daisy.
Rough housing with Buddy.

Hope you make time for this....

Take Care,

Saturday, January 23, 2016

Postage Stamp Stars - Check

The 24 Postage Stamp Stars are done. I almost hate to see them finished. These are blocks I wouldn't mind revisiting.
Now to figure out a setting.  Linking up for the RSC...please visit via the link on my sidebar.

Sew Crazies met on Friday despite the gloomy weather. A couple of us worked on 6" blocks that will be a part of an exchange between our group. Each person will make enough blocks from their pattern to share with the group and keep one. I made this one from practice fabric.
The points are really not on the edge of the just looks that way because I cropped the photo.

This has been one of those weeks where I accomplished almost nothing on the stitching front. I accept that there will always be weeks like that. It once sent me into a tailspin, but no more.

On Tuesday, Blake and I attended our first Master Gardener class. Plant Pathology doesn't sound like the most intriguing subject, but the speaker was great and I thoroughly enjoyed it.

And then this sweet baby came into our lives.
You forget how busy a little one keeps you. But so worth it.

Macy's cheer team, Southern Stars, won another first place trophy this weekend.
So proud of her....she has really blossomed.

Take Care,

Wednesday, January 20, 2016

What's Going On

The only stitching I have managed the last few days is to stitch up ten dog beds for the local shelter.

Speaking of the shelter, they posted this little baby on social media this morning...
An eight week old baby, already at the shelter over a week. Broke my heart, I sent it to Blake by Messenger (I was at a meeting). When I got home he said "Are we going to get her?". The rest is history. We will be able to pick her up tomorrow afternoon. Her new name is Mattie. We think she is probably a spaniel/lab mix.

We have a new layer at the hen house...finally.
The chocolate colored egg is definitely from one of the new Marans.  So cool!

Just for the record, Daisy adores her Daddy...
Love these sleepyheads.

On Tuesday, Blake and I started a three month Master Gardener class. Lots of studying involved, but the folks are nice and the first class was interesting.

Take Care,