Monday, April 3, 2017

Is It Really???

Can it really be April?? I always look forward to April. I love Spring, and April means six family birthdays and our big Easter celebration. It also means our Master Gaardener Plant Sale, which is Saturday. Preparation for it will take up most of my free time this week.

I have accomplished some bits and pieces of projects. I was recently told I was a process person when it comes to my quilting and hooking projects. After some contemplation, I must totally concur.

I am slowly moving forward with Quilty Folk. The latest row was a gazillion little flying geese blocks.
And here is where they go on the quilt...
Hopefully I will stitch them on straighter than I pinned them to the design wall..LOL.

Next are last week's Wild and Goosey blocks..

Not sure where Temecula is going with their First Friday blocks, but there is definitely a pattern here!
All three months.

And these are my first two blocks from Norma Whaley's Sweet and Simple stitch along on FB.
I am pretty far behind, but not stressing. I actually have several blocks prepped. They are wool and cotton machine appliqu├ęd onto cotton.

Just so that you can see how Mattie has grown...
And sweet Daisy...
Excuse the eye goop...the pollen is affecting her allergies, despite the Zyrtec.

Rob gave us quite a scare this week and ended up in the hospital since Friday. The cause of his problems is probably due to his new treatment drug as well as a superficial wound infection at his surgical site. A visit from little Maya cheered him up today.
She looks pretty happy, too!!

From Bonnie Hunter...

Take Care,

Thursday, March 23, 2017

Well, Hello!

I'm finally back again. The past month or so has been full of challenges. Much has been accomplished, but little in the realm of hooking or stitching. Life is just like that at times.

To say that I failed to meet my monthly goals for February is an understatement. I never even found UFO #5 despite considerable searching. And though I didn't touch Postage Stamp Stars, I did purchase a setting fabric that I think will work (and no, there wasn't a single thing in my considerable stash that I thought would do the job). And I have a setting plan....I think.

I did finish the final Lucy Boston block as well as the 4 patch setting blocks.
Now on to the setting rectangles surrounding  the 4 patch. But not this month.

I am playing catch up on the Lori Holt Quilty Folks row Quilt that several of us Crazies are doing as a group.
I finished the rows with these cute stars and houses and have moved on to some tiny flying geese blocks now. The saving grace with this project is that I have precut and neatly packaged each row.

Wild Goose Wednesday's flying geese have been easy enough to keep up with.
Eight geese a week will soon fill up this little project box.

I did meet my goal on my scrappy rug, but will post when I get a decent photo.

Can't Never Could held Grey Matters 2017, our annual fundraiser last Friday night.  It was a huge success, once again selling out at 400+ people. The main speaker was an absolutely amazing young woman, Aimee Copeland   Please take the time to click on her name and read about her. Trust me, you will be inspired!!  
Robert, Christi, Aimee, Rob and Sara Ashley 

The beautiful weather has given us the opportunity to allow the flock to spend a little time scratching the soil and bug hunting in the garden. They are so much fun to watch.

Take Care,

Friday, March 10, 2017

Some Sew Crazy Pics

When doing some housekeeping in my photo albums, I realized that I haven't posted Sew Crazy pics in a couple of months, so here goes last month's.

Debi made this beauty. It is batiks, which aren't my favorites, but I love these colors.
Debi made two of these... this pastel version...
And always my favorite, red and white.
Sandy was on a roll. She finished Oklahoma Backroads from the Bonnie Hunter class.
I think that this is also a Bonnie Hunter pattern finished by Sandy.
And this is her Tumbler Quilt which she collected fabrics for forever.
Micki started this quilt using panels, but decided the colors were just not her style, so she passed them along to Sandy who has dutifully completed it. Great job!
There are adorable marshmallow snowmen in those print blocks.  Sandy finds the cutest novelty fabrics.
And Debi has finished another Quilty Folk quilt. This is the Lori Holt pattern that Debi is leading us in working on as a group. Love the aqua setting fabric she has used.

Jackson's tournament ball team, The Force, has played two tournaments and won both. Way to go boys!!
And Macy had her Cotillion Ball. She would much prefer doing this....
Her Senior team won first place at the Nationals!!!

  • A mother-daughter lunch
  • Comfy shoes 
  • The sweetest card from a dear friend.
Take Care,

Saturday, February 25, 2017

Dogwood ATHA Rug Show Part 2

Below are the remaining rugs that I got pics of.

My favorite rug in the show. The colors just glow!

 Don't know who hooked this one, but the pattern is by Trisha Travis.


Hooked by Sandy Gillam.


Rob had his third brain surgery a couple of weeks ago for recurrence of his Glioblastoma. 
He is doing well and starts a new treatment regimen on Wednesday. Continued prayers appreciated.
He and Christi celebrated their 21st wedding anniversary yesterday.

  • Much needed hugs from sweet friends.
  • An unexpected text from an old friend
  • Playing in the dirt.

Take Care,

Friday, February 24, 2017

Dogwood ATHA Rug Show Part 1

I know, I have been gone a long while. February has been a challenging month. But here I am.

Last Saturday was our Winter Dogwood ATHA Guild Hook In. There were lots of wonderful rugs, old and new, on display. I captured the labels of those who had them. The rest I will try to credit if I know.  













Unlabeled , but I love the simplicity of this guy.



More on my next post.

A boy and his dog...or maybe I should say pony...LOL!!

  • Spring like weather.
  • Compassionate pharmaceutical companies.
  • The respite of days spent with friends, hooking and stitching.


Take Care,