Friday, July 31, 2020

Goodbye July 2020

Can’t say that I am at all sorry to be saying goodbye to July 2020. And I have to admit that I am a bit concerned about what the remainder of 2020 is going to look like. Praying for healing...for our country and from Covid. God Bless America.

I was able to finish one Mary Brown block this month. 

I had hoped to do another. I have no good reason why that didn’t happen. Except that this block had fifty six tiny leaves.

I had happily posted that this quilt was ready for its first borders. Wrong. When I got ready to add the borders, they didn’t fit.

Because I failed to add the plain strips between the rows. Like this....

So I frogged the rows apart, inserted strips and then added the first borders. Now onto piecing the final borders. 

I received this sweet and fragrant package in the mail.
I had ordered this cutie from The Primitive Heart to add to my growing Strawberry Pinkeep collection. It is beautifully stitched from an old coverlet by Julie. I love it.

This week we put creamed corn in the freezer, tomorrow it will be two kinds of southern peas. And then it will be on to peaches and okra.  We didn’t grow any of these except the okra, but purchased from local farmers markets. Our garden is still producing, and I anticipate more work before summer is done.  And, yes, the girls are providing lots of fresh eggs.

Hoping everyone has a good weekend.

Take care,

Monday, July 27, 2020

Checking In

It has been a busy month, as well as a long, hot one. Harvesting veggies from the garden has to be done early or it is just too stinking hot. Yard work amounts to a heroic effort to just keep things alive. Rain has come, but at a minimum. At least it hasn’t been like last year yet, with no rain.

Being inside more has afforded me with the luxury of moving a few projects forward. Except for yesterday when we froze twenty two packages of corn. Thanks for baling us out, Laura. 

I just finished hooking Solomon’s Delight by Dyeanne (the talented Diane Gill) and I love it. Struggled a bit with the reds, but think that I finally got them right. 

Started in a class with Tricia Travis. Such a pretty pattern. 

Next up, I got the prep work done (whipping down eleven large circles) for Kathy Schmitz’s Snowdrift Tablerunner, which is a stitch along at her blog ( There’s plenty of tine for you to join in.

In keeping with Jolly July on IG, this Blackbird Designs pattern, Merry Christmas, was pulled from the WIP pile. Around Christmas last year, as I was just relaunching my cross stitch career, I started this pretty sampler with a kit from Country Sampler, Spring Green.  I stitched the bones of the border and then tucked it away. The linen is by Weeks Dye Works prior to them using a Zweigart base for the linens. And while I love the color and the antique look, it is hard to stitch on in my opinion. But, loving the design and having a few more months of stitching under my belt, I was ready to give it another go. 

Getting close to a finish. It is far from perfect, but I am glad that I am going to finish it.

The Newnan Coweta magazine, an off shoot of our local newspaper is published bimonthly. 

This year the Coweta County Master Gardeners were invited to have an article in each issue. This month the article, written by MG Pat Farmer, focused on How to Attract Wildlife to Your Garden. MG’s had submitted random photos of their gardens earlier in the year for use in articles and our annual calendar. I was surprised and honored that one of my photos garnered a full page in this article!!

That’s all for now. Off to a flag football game for my grandson (how can the county allow flag football for 11-12 year olds with spectators, but you can’t go back to I the only one confused here????).

Take care,

Friday, July 10, 2020

A Quick Hello

Hi, guys. It has been busy around here, but I wanted to take a minute for a quick post.

This time of year is always hectic when you have a garden and lots of nice veggies to preserve for the coming months. It is no exception here. Our garden is doing well and we have been blessed by enough fresh veggies to share, eat and preserve. So far we have frozen squash and loaves of delicious zucchini bread (I won’t tell you how many loaves we’ve consumed). And we have canned green beans (just don’t like them frozen), dill pickles, bread and butter pickles, blueberry jelly, pepper jelly, and sweet pepper relish. Tomorrow we are doing salsa and tomato paste. And I hope that next week we are able to get fresh peaches.
Here are a few jars of our bounty....

One sleepless night this week I was able to pull up the last loops on The Reader (pattern by Sharon Smith, teacher Anita White).....too many years ago.

The wallpaper background is a dark green stripe, which really doesn’t show up in the photo. I opted out on the airplanes that were on the pattern.  I changed the pup to one of our schnauzers, Roxie, who passed away 4 years ago at the ripe old age of 17 3/4!  I will have to order yarn and whip the edges of this one since the top edge has loops all the way across on the vertical. 

Next it is on to Solomon’s Delight (by Diane Gill, class with Tricia Travisa couple of years ago). I took this one to tweak a bit at Eric’s class last February and then put it away...again. 

I really lack very little on it and can hopefully call it a finish sooner than later. 

Next in the cross stitch arena is Bird in Hand by Blackbird Designs. Just started this one using WDW Merlot, 2 strands over 2 on a scrap of 36 ct linen. 

I love designs with birds, especially when they are redwork. 

I have also picked up a BBDs Christmas sampler that I started last fall,  in honor of Jolly July on IG. No pic of it just yet.

Like most of you, I have tired of this strange day to day living that we are doing. Not having an idea of what our world will be like tomorrow is a stark reminder that WE ARE NOT IN CONTROL. And that is difficult especially for those of us who want and need some modicum of control. I pray that you are faring well through all of this craziness, and are healthy. 

Couldn’t say it better....

Take care,

Tuesday, June 30, 2020

Mary Brown & Patriotic Finishes

Yay!! I have a Mary Brown block to show this month. This block should have been pieced, but appliquing it seemed simpler to me. 

I am still working on the top two rows of this quilt- I looked today and I need to finish 4 more blocks to have that top section finished. I am going to set a goal of doing that by the end of August. We’ll see.

Here are the other ladies stitching along:

Karen – Log Cabin Quilter(Lead)

Cathy – Biglakequilter

Julie K –  Juliekquilts

Robin –   solsticestudio

Nanette – Doitrightquilter

Jan – Nanette will show her progress on her blog

I also made a little more progress on the 2018 Designer Mystery BOM.

Next I add a narrow, plain border, then a rather complex outer border. 

I also worked on three cute patriotic cross stitch pin tucks this month...hoping against hope to fully finish them before the 4th. And I made it!!! Finished them up today and made this little display....

First was American Eagle from Threadwork Primitives. I stitched it on 36 ct River Rock by Dixie Samplar with threads from stash.

I finished it with a dark navy print and red rick rack, stuffed with wood shavings.

Next, another from Threadwork Primitives, Happy 4th. It is stitched on a 32 ct mystery linen with mostly called for threads. I left off Happy 4th because I plan to use these for all national holidays.

I finished it with a little paisley print, vintage lace vintage buttons and an Eagle jewelry finding and stuffed it with wood shavings.

And finally, this cutie from Chessie and Me, American Coast. I bought the kit which had 40 ct linen and silk threads. The tiny sailboat is my first over one. 

I finished it with a pretty blue cotton print from stash, tiny blue rick rack trim and a little silk ribbon holding a vintage sailboat button that was in my button stash. It is also stuffed with wood shavings.  It was my first time using these for stuffing and I love the way they make the finished product look.....worth the messiness.

We had a family graduation party for Sara Ashley on Sunday. Hopefully she will head off to Clemson in the Fall.

Flowers from our gardens in school colors.

Take Care,

Thursday, June 25, 2020


It’s been a busy couple of weeks, but I’m not complaining. The summer weather is settling in, and until today, it’s been pretty dry...our flowers and veggies need the rain we are getting.

I have actually accomplished a few Quilty things, which is surprising, because I have mostly had my nose in the cross stitch. 

I had completed all of the FQS’s 2018 Designer of the Month blocks, and had even cut out all of the setting parts (and there were a lot)....but then I just stopped. So today I assembled the six setting flowers, which is at least a start. 

Not a great photo, but you get  the idea. I haven’t looked at the rest of the setting instructions, but there are lots of pieces left before this top is a wrap. 

Then it was on to make this Kathy Schmitz Home Sampler into a little wall hanging. I had finished the embroidery back In April and set it aside. 

Pretty cute. This one was on my UFO list, so that makes four UFO quilting finishes for the year. Not where I had hoped to be, but better than not finishing any at all.

Sara Ashley’s Final semester of her Senior HS year was pretty much a bust. They had a virtual honors night. But their school really made an effort to make a couple of events special. Senior Recognition Night was held on the football field with families social distancing, the senior review on a giant tron and an amazing professional fireworks show afterwards. Last week they held graduation, once again with social distancing and limited attendance, on the football field. Their tradition is to have the girls wear white formals, and the guys tuxes. It was wonderful and held so much meaning to all of us who had despaired that the 2020 class would not have a real graduation. Here are are a few pics of my amazing granddaughter......

Yes, the girls took off their fancy shoes and went barefoot.

With her brother, Robert.
This sweet girl went to a special school for kids with learning disabilities from first through eighth. She used those tools she was given and finished high school as a member of the National Honor Society and is Clemson bound. I could not be happier or prouder.

Today’s bounty from our garden...

I already have squash in the freezer and will likely can beans this weekend. Lots of work, but so good to have them when winter is here.

I have lost 3 high school friends and Rob’s stepsister in the last two weeks....none to coronavirus.  A lot to process. 

Take care,

Thursday, June 11, 2020

Late Maynia Update

My plans for participating in Maynia on Instagram fell somewhat by the wayside. Not to say I didn’t get anything done, just not what I had planned. 

Let’s start with my successes....

This is Live Simply, a Berry design by Erica Michaels for the Berry Club at @dyeingtostitch. 

Now I just need to stitch it up and I will have my second xstitch Berry to begin my collection.

Next, Down in the Valley by Blackbird Designs. This will be a sweet pincushion on a candleholder.

This one and the next two are off to @carolinastitcher for her beautiful finishing.

Witches Garden by Pineberry Lane for the @dyeingtostitch Quaint Ladies Club. 

Have asked that this one be finished as a flat fold. Think that it will be so cute displayed that way for Halloween.

Collector by Brenda Gervais @withthyneedleandthread. I changed the words to Mountain Mist because the cream didn’t show up well on my linen. 

This one will be a Pinkeep. I sent some antique Mother of Pearl buttons for Faye to add. 

The beautiful BBD sampler I had started and was close to finishing became a heartbreaking lesson when I snipped a hole in it removing a one thread off mistake. I really wanted to cry. I won’t even show you how close I was to finishing.

I have started back working on this wonderful GiGi R sampler, Martha Scott. 

Not a great pic, but you get the idea. 

Mostly I have continued to work in our veggie garden and flower gardens. We had a terrible hill on our property that had become dangerous for us to mow. With the help of our dear neighbors who came and plowed the hill for us, it became a wildflower garden. It is glorious...different every day. We will simply mow once in the fall, it will reseed and be beautiful again next year. We are thrilled.

Yes, these are beautiful flowers, too, don’t you think?

Jackson’s baseball team, Force, had their initial tournament last weekend and placed first.

We celebrated Ashley’s birthday.

 And Jackson’s...

As well as Robert’s.

Take Care,