Wednesday, January 18, 2017

Happy Birthday Dear Christi

Today was my dear, beautiful daughter's birthday...she is such a blessing!
We actually celebrated with family on Monday night dining on Chicken Enchiladas and Strawberry Cake.
So blessed to have my family close by to celebrate special occasions and everyday life.

I finished the appliqué on the Cozy Christmas blocks.
Now they are ready to become a top...
Which needs to happen quickly since making this a quilt top is one of my goals for the month.

Temecula Quilt Company's 
First Friday Sew Along seemed a good way to use up some of those scraps I had trimmed.
The first month's blocks eased us in gently with simple four patches sewed up into larger blocks. Two 6" blocks and a 12".  Hope I can keep up.

Had fun last night with the Farmer and Her Mother learning about healthy eating . A yummy dinner, too.

  • Family....can't say this too often
  • Birthday celebrations 
  • Snoring dogs

Take Care,

Saturday, January 14, 2017

Purple-RSC 2017

This week has slipped by like a thief in the night. Between my continued cleaning frenzy, and Can't Never Could and Master Gardener commitments, there has been little time for stitching. 

I did finish the January
Temecula Quilt Company Postcard mini in purple.....the RSC color of the month.
It is handquilted....not beautifully , but done...and ready to hang on a wall where I plan to do a grouping. Yay!! My second finish for 2017. 

Friend Laura put me on to this next treasure, and I immediately spent my Amazon gift card on it....
LOVE!!!!! It is just the right height for sitting in your comfy chair, adjusts nicely, magnifier and LED lights are heavenly...and it can be run on D batteries or electric cord. I love that it uses batteries and I don't have to deal with a cord. When I am done stitching I can just pick it up and put it out of the way. 

Christopher is playing basketball and loving it.

And this is my dear little Compassion child, Hazel, who lives in El Salvador. She has grown so much in the four years I have been sponsoring her!!! It is always exciting to get her letters and photos.  I would encourage you to consider sponsoring one of these worthy children. I have certainly been blessed by it.

I have accomplished a bit more this week and will share tomorrow.

  • The sweet smell of a clean house
  • Girlfriend time with a dear daughter
  • The funny mockingbird that is obsessed with our dining room window.

Thank goodness for friends!!!

Take Care,

Sunday, January 8, 2017

A New Year of Slow Sunday Stitching

I always look forward to the reminder that Kathy gives  us on slow down and be more intentional in our stitching.

Today I am doing a little hand quilting on the January mini. And, goodness, do I need some practice.
Bought these garish pink pullers awhile back. This is my first chance to use them, and they are quite effective at helping to grasp the needle and pull it through. Linking up with 
Kathy for Slow Stitching Sunday.

When I was cleaning off my work table, I found this....
Drat!!! More dishcloth yarn. Will I ever use it all up???

Miss Mattie broke through the Invisible Fence today and ended up in the neighbor's search of who knows what. And then she was afraid to come back over the line. Looks as though a little more training and voltage is in order. 


Take Care,

Random Scrap Challenge 2017-Purple

This is the first Rainbow Scrap Challenge link up of 2017...the color of the month is purple.  Purple isn't my favorite color, but I decided to dip into my CW repro fabrics and kill two birds with one stone. You see, I am participating in the Temecula Quilt Company Mini of the Month , so I will use purple for this month's mini.  This is the quilt...
Here are the scraps I pulled...
And here is my little top all ready to hand quilt!

I also finished Number 3 UFO, the first one of the year..woop woop!!  I made binding, trimmed and stitched the binding for a guild charity quilt that had languished at my house for over six months.

Here are more of my Santas by Patti Beck, whose studio is Herbs & Clay Pottery in Sharpsville, IN. She doesn't have a website, but does have a FB page.
Save the Bees, a cause dear to Patti's heart.
Santa with cardinal and wreath.
 Santa with quilt.
 Santa with nativity.
Birdland Santa.
And the specially made Can't Never Could Santa in honor of Rob and Christi's nonprofit.

Off to watch more of "The Man in the High Castle ". 
Lauren got me hooked on this one.


Take Care,

Friday, January 6, 2017

Another day...

Not accomplishing much in the way of my stitching goals...three more dishcloths is it. 

I started the day with the Invisible Fence folks who came last week and enlarged our fence line to about 3 1/2 acres for these doggies. I spent last week training Daisy and Mattie. Today was the big day to see if they understood it. So far, so good. Now we have to work with Buddy, who will be more challenging because of his fear issues. I feel so much better knowing that they won't wander off property into the woods and get lost or shot by hunters.
Mattie was exhausted and needed some lap time.

I proceeded on to moving my Patti Beck Santas from the mantle to their new home in my dining room cabinet. I love them so much that I leave them out year around. I will share them with you over my next few posts.  Daughter, Christi, gifts me with a new one every year.
This is this year's....
Isn't the detail incredible?
This woodland Santa was my first one.
And, of course a Hooker needs sheep.
In fact, two with sheep and a little free standing companion.

Then it was washing all of the glassware, deep cleaning and cooking. No stitching. Maybe tomorrow...

We are expecting ice or snow down here in Georgia. And I am hoping for a full day in my sewing room.

  • Bread fresh from the oven
  • The velvety softness of sweet Mattie 'a head
  • Soothing lip balm.
From Bonnie Hunter.

Take Care,

Wednesday, January 4, 2017

A Little Overwhelmed

For some reason the New Year has left me feeling a little overwhelmed....all this talk of goal setting, healthier lifestyle,  destashing, decluttering, UFO and stash busting.  I do feel as if I should be doing something. So, I went Judy's site, Patchwork Times, and found a challenge to finish 12 UFOs this per month. This goes along with my goal to finish 12 this year. And then I just froze....I couldn't make the list. Today I found this nice template at All People Quilt. I sat right down and made my list...
I will be 
linking up at Patchwork Times. Judy drew the number of the UFO we will be working on this month. It is number three.....
This little charity quilt from my guild, which needs binding. Easy enough.
I have decided that if I finish a UFO on the list before it's number comes up, I will just replace it with another. Trust me, there are plenty more to choose from. 

Although the list does not include rugs, I will be working on those, too.

For the month of January, in addition to the chosen UFO, here are my goals...
  • Use up all of my dishcloth yarn.. 
  • Finish all of my Lucy Boston blocks and start working on the setting  
  • Complete the Cozy Christmas top. .....this one I will link up to One Monthly Goal 
There are lots of other things I need to do, but I think that this is a nice start! Now I feel better.

Mattie feels pretty relaxed, too.

Kelley at 
With Hook and Needle posted a photo of an antique rug that I am in love with...

  • Having the luxury of giving of my time to a good cause.
  • The smell of popcorn popping 
  • Cozy jammies.
From Bonnie Hunter...

Take Care,

Tuesday, January 3, 2017

Happy Hookers Night

Tonight was the first Happy Hookers night of the NY. We were a smaller group of seven, but still had plenty of fun. One of the things we enjoyed was talking about organization...of our crafts and in general. Trust me, we had lots of laughs.

Not everyone was hooking, but we all had fun projects.  Forgive the quality of the photos, as the lighting was challenging.

Laura was putting the border elongated hexies on a stunning Lucy Boston POCs block.

Mary was knitting fingerless mittens. I am in love with the black ones with the sassy cuffs.

 Jan was actually hooking!! She calls this her albino deer. I personally think it is going to be gorgeous when she gets the background in. It is a gift for her hubby.

 Vicky made this very cool penny rug while on a trip to visit her dad. I really like the scalloped border.

She is also hooking this sweet kitty design adapted from a punchneedle pattern. She plans to mount it on an artist's canvas. 

Beth continues to make progress on these happy coneflowers.

And Kathie has finished the top of her drop dead wonderful Lucy Boston POCs quilt top. She has really neat plans for an embroidered backing.

I worked on what I hope to be my next to last Lucy Boston block. I had hoped to get these blocks finished before the NY, but knit dish and face cloths along with Netflix/Amazon Prime binging got in my way. Sometimes I am just weak...LOL.  The funny thing is that I am so not a tv watcher.

My man and I in a NY's Eve selfie. I had to promise not to post this on FB, but he doesn't read my blog.

This year I am resuming my listing of Gratitudes at the end of my really helps me to acknowledge them in writing.

  • Comfortable friendships
  • Warm slippers
  • A devotional shared by a friend that really touches my soul. 
And for a laugh....
Take Care,