Sunday, October 12, 2014

Throw down at Tennessee Rug Retreat

It was a perfect weekend at the biannual Tennessee Rug Retreat at Carson Springs Conference Center in Newport, TN.  Lots of laughter, good food and hooking.  

Here are the photos from our throw down last night.........

Robin's footstool cover and Charlie Brown Christmas Tree mat.

Becky's Hunter rug that will be her husband's Christmas gift......started at Barb Carroll's.

This is Vicki's own pineapple pattern.

The beginning of Kathie's big floral rug.

Rhonda's six cut paisley.  Lovely colors.

Becky made a good start on her Lori Brechlin pumpkin man. Love his stockings.

Great spooky colors in Nancy's witch.

Gail's fall leaves.

Katie's original bird houses.

Original design drawn by Diana's granddaughter.

Prancing Pony....Kathy is making this for her grandson.

Sheri is going to put wool lambs tongues around this nice scrap mat.

Sheri's Sunshine and Shadows from her worm bags.  It literally glows.

Rhonda's leopard.....not so much to go.  Love those eyes.

Georganna's eagle that she started at Barb Carroll's.

And, finally, my American Fancies went from 6 finished squares to 12.  Only three to go!

We are already looking forward to next Spring together.

Fellow hookers.

Take Care,

Monday, October 6, 2014


Sometimes the simpler a project, the happier it makes me. Such was the case with these.....all easily finished and ready for the season.

Jumpin' Cat Flash from Spooky Threads by Needl' Love.  Wool appliqué with flannel backing.

Witch Silhouette, a free design from All project materials from stash. The floss was part of a leftover skein of Eggplant from Weeks Dye Works.

Little Punkin' Guy by Maria Barton of Star Rug Company. He was a quick hook in mostly leftovers from Turkey, Turkey.  How can you not smile at this silly guy?

On the serious stitching front, all of the Snowman A-Z blocks are prepped and one is stitched.  Good to get moving on this one.

Will be leaving for hooking Retreat on Thursday and have lots to do in order to get ready. Only wish these seasonal allergies would tuck their tails and run.

Rob went in for his bimonthly MRI today and got a great report. God is good.  You can catch up with them at Christi's recent Caring Bridge post,

Rob and Robert at the UGA Homecoming game on Saturday.

Life, every single day of it.
Miracles, big and small.

Take Care,

Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Country Threads BOM

Finished up the Country Threads 2014 BOM through September, including piecing the second large section.  Not sure where each section will go on the completed top, so I didn't join them.  Supposedly these two sections represent three quarters of the quilt. It is going to be a large one.  Over all I am satisfied with it. When you have no idea where you are going, it makes color choices a bit difficult.

I couldn't resist this new one of Daisy and Buddy. My, how she has grown!

A love that never fails.

Take Care,

Monday, September 29, 2014

Little Letters

My friend has been doing all of the Temecula Quilt Company's adorable stitch alongs since last year.
Every time I see one finished, I regret not playing along......but it just seems it would be something else to incur guilt because I wouldn't keep up. So, I have passed on each.  You know where this is going.
When said friend mentioned the new quilt along, Little Letters, she can do them in just a few minutes, and they come out twice a should do it. Well, she is right. They only take a few minutes to cut and stitch. And they are pretty darned cute. And I can use my scraps, though, trust me, this project, aside from background, will not put a dent in your stash.

Quality vs. quantity and convenience have become an issue for me in my blog.  There was a time when I blogged completely from my laptop using photos from my very nice camera. It was quite time consuming and I didn't blog as frequently because it was more demanding.  But the photos were better, nicely aligned on the pages, the same size, etc.  The blog was prettier. Then came the ability to blog from my pad or phone, using photos taken from the same. I can even do a little photo editing. But I can't do links and some of the other nicer functions. What to do?  Well, my blogging is mostly for fun and sharing in a limited community. I am not about making money, selling products or growing readership to thousands. So, forgive me if it isn't as pretty, but convenience is the route I am taking.

Rainy days.

Take care,

Sunday, September 28, 2014

Autumn's Call

Autumn's Call by Crabapple Hill........started last year in a class with now a finish. Just looking for the perfect hanger to display it now.

It looks a little off in the photo, but it is really nice and square.  The original pattern shows it framed, but Debi designed this quilted border for it.  The vine and leaves are wool, blanket stitched with wool thread on the machine.

The hit or miss rug is progressing, although the worm bags show absolutely no evidence of this.

I am trying really hard to get "light, bright, dark and dull".......and to spread it around.  That white light is REALLY light. I will add some more and then decide if it can stay or not.

Have started prepping SNOWMEN A-Z.  Lots of work to be done on that one to get it ready before Christmas.

A warm visit with an old friend.
A good night of sleep.
Puppy silliness.

Take Care,

Saturday, September 27, 2014


Both of the Estes grands are now officially teenagers. So hard to believe. I will share a few new pics and you will see!

Sara Ashley, Jackson and Macy at her family dinner at Olive Garden.

Her birthday party this year was a horseback riding day with friend Bella....on her favorite horse, Bucky.

Robert and new girlfriend, Christine, getting ready to go to NHS Homecoming.

Robert, Rob and Sara Ashley on Rob's birthday.

Sara Ashley's choice of birthday white layers with chocolate fudge frosting by yours truly.

Being chosen to make birthday cakes of choice for the kids....and hopefully creating special memories of a Mimi who loves them all so much.
Time to do special things that pleasure others as well as myself.
Reliving the growing up of these now teens.

Take care,

Thursday, September 25, 2014


For a very good reason, I am smiling.  Comfort and Joy, started the first of the year is ready to go to the quilter.....Debi, who has also finished her version (we started these together, hers was done first....of course). We gave each other permission to forego the appliquéd borders, deciding the allowed borders were too small and the quilt is quite busy enough. Besides, we were both ready to move on.

All the fabric for this top was pulled from stash. A nice feeling, even though it failed to make dent in said stas.

The weather has cooled a bit and it is back porch swing time once again.  Last year, I lost my best swing buddy, little Rascal....

And though no one can take his place, someone else is a good candidate for companionship in her own special way....
Note the sad state of the slipper. It seems this special somebody also has quite the affinity for her person's shoes.....the more expensive the better.

Off to whine, wheeze and hack for the rest of the evening.  My favorite season brings on the nastiest of seasonal allergies. Whine, whine.......

The freedom won by a long term project finish.
Strong medicine and good medical folk.
Sharing my favorite chair and nap time with furry friends.

Take Care,