Friday, January 19, 2018

Week’s End

My first week of goals has come to an end and I am feeling quite successful.

My goals from last week:
1. Finish stitching the final 14 Glorious Gardens full hexies

94 hexies all done!

2. Finish the orange/green hooked Homespun Medallion square
3. Plan the next Homespun Medallion row

Done and ready to move on to the next row. I am over half done now.

4. Finish the last First Friday Block
5. Find/print First Friday finishing instructions 
The big one with 144 - 1 1/2” half square triangles was a bit much. The bad news is that I thought this was December’s block set. Wrong. When I started to print the setting instructions, I realized that I still have December’s blocks to stitch. Darn.

6. Repair Blake’s jacket 
7. Repair Blake’s jeans.
Both done. I will spare you pics of

My goals for the next week:
1. Prep and stitch first appliqué Block for “Flowers” quilt (an online group SAL) I pulled my fabrics for it tonight.

2. Start working on Glorious Gardens setting diamonds and triangles 
3. Hook one Homespun Medallion block 
4. Start stitching December’s First Friday Blocks
5. Make RSC 3” nine patches 

Next week is pretty busy, so this might be a challenge, but I don’t want to be under ambitious.

Last night we celebrated Christi’s birthday at Longhorn.

It was a great evening.

Sara Ashley and a friend enjoying the snow.

Hope you all have a great weekend!

Take Care,

Tuesday, January 16, 2018

A Crazy Day

Yesterday was a very good day.....a Sew Crazies day.  The first in what seemed like a very long time.  It is so good to enjoy time with this very special group of ladies who not only share the same interests, but also care for and accept one another unconditionally.

There was a little show and tell.

Sandra had made this darling dimensional table runner.
Sorry I couldn’t get a better pic of it.

And Louise is working on these intricate cross stitch pieces which she will frame.

Debi is working on this great Jen Kingwell pattern, and has added her own personal touch....

Debi brought super fun kits for us to make. She had intended them to be our Christmas craft.

Louise and Sandra hard at work.

Sandy showing her finish off.

And yep, even a pic of yours truly thanks to Debi.

This is mine!!! I love it and can’t believe I finished it in one day!

Sandra and Louise gifted us with these....

And, of course, there have to be a couple more hexies in this

The centers came from the same fabric, but I think the surrounding hexies make them look quite different.

And a view of the snow from overnight down in our meadow.

It is unusual for us to have had two snows already this winter.

Linking up with 
Let’s Bee Sewcial. Go over and get some inspiration.

Take Care,

Sunday, January 14, 2018

Still Slow Stitching Glorious Gardens

Just warning you that I am still Slow Sunday Stitching the Glorious Gardens hexies....but I am much closer...only eight to go.

Then I will be setting them for more than awhile.

Christi and Sara Ashley added the cutest member to their family this weekend.

This cute little rescue pup is about six months old and is some sort of chihuahua mix. Honestly, she looks like a mini German Shepherd. 

At any rate, she is darling and smart....and I think they all needed each other.

And I think she loves her big sister, Maya...who has also been missing Rob.

Take Care,

Saturday, January 13, 2018

Random Scrap Challenge

I really had no intention of joining in on this great challenge this year, irregardless of how flexible and how much fun Angela over at So Scrappy  makes it. I know you feel this coming.....BUT, I ran across this irresistible quilt on Pinterest this morning and knew it would be the perfect, brainless project...

A gazillion little scrappy nine patches set on point. This one is a Nancy Zieman reproduction of an antique. I am in love. So, this afternoon I will be pulling out some light blues to play along. 

More GGs. I am rocking these hexies!!

Take Care,

Friday, January 12, 2018


As I read through the NY’s postings of many of the wonderful blogs I follow, I find myself overwhelmed by the detailed lists of goals each are setting. They are wonderful and ambitious and I wish I was there, but the truth is, I am not. Getting through each day, worrying about my sweet family and getting past the loss of Rob is about all of the challenge I feel up to at this point. Don’t misunderstand me, we are not wallowing in misery, but this new normal is just taking some time...and I am okay with that. All this being said, to get back to the subject of goal setting. I do want to set some goals and to accomplish projects. I am thinking that small, weekly goals might work best for me now. For some reason, setting goals at the end of a week seems better for me, too.
So here crafting goals for the coming week..
1. Finish stitching the final 14 Glorious Gardens full hexies
2. Finish the orange/green hooked Homespun Medallion square
3. Plan the next Homespun Medallion row
4. Finish the last First Friday Block
5. Find/print First Friday finishing instructions 
6. Repair Blake’s jacket 
7. Repair Blake’s jeans.

Will be back to this list next week to see how I did.

Today I have been busy prepping the the final GG blocks so that they will be ready for stitching.

With the usual helpers...

Here are my latest GGs.....

Longing for Spring...

Take care,

Sunday, January 7, 2018


Continuing to slow stitch this Sunday on the Glorious Gardens rosettes and linking up over at Kathy’s.

These are my latest finishes...

Our GGs class met at In Town Quilters on Saturday. Some much needed fun and inspiration!! Mary Lou is in the process of getting hers set together...

Be still my heart!!!!

Don’t laugh, but I had my first finish for the year...

Yes, a single knit Sometimes something beats nothing.

Macy was confirmed as a member of Newnan First United Methodist Church this morning.

We are so proud of her and her whole class of Confirmands. 

This is what my gardening amounts to these days...

A pretty African Violet passed down to me by my sister several years ago when she moved into assisted living.


Take Care,