Sunday, February 17, 2019

Return to Slow Stitching Sunday

It has been a while since I linked to Kathy’s Slow Stitching Sunday I am sure that I have slow stitched on other Sundays, but just haven’t taken time to record, today is the day.
Working on my fourth Wildflower Bouquet English Paper Piecing block.....

I am in no hurry to complete these blocks (if my calculations are correct, it will take 32, set on point). I am just working on them here and there. I have to say, I really like how they are turning out.

Here are the three that have been completed....

The Grunge Dots are making great cones and allowing me to pull in lots of color.

Sara Ashley (with her glasses) at her basketball team’s victorious Regional Champs game....

Never forget....

Take Care,

Wednesday, February 6, 2019

Eric’s Class Reunion

The 2 1/2 days spent at 

were so much fun. Not only was it great fun to be with everyone again, but Eric spent lots of class time refreshing us on the use of the color wheel in color planning our rugs.
I started Michelle Micarelli’s Doily rug (24”x36”). 

I am loving working on this one. Think I will set my other rugs aside and finish this one next.

Because it was a gift, I haven’t posted this sweet little finish....

Design by Kathy Schmitz. 

Wanted to summarize my January 2019 finishes:
  • Trip Around the World quilt top
  • Chandelier quilt top
  • Flowers quilt top
  • Temecula Secret Santa quilt top
  • Sheltering Tree embroidery 
I would be a liar if I didn’t say that I am pretty happy with that!! Hope to get just one thing finished this month. But any finish is good.


Take Care,

Thursday, January 31, 2019

Another January Finish

Well, I finally finished the early 1990s Trip Around the World. It was a true lesson in perseverance. In addition, it was very humbling. Despite ripping it apart a couple of times, I still ended up with a wavy corner. I went ahead and added borders and called it done. It will either quilt out or it won’t. I was just at the end of my rope with it and it was on it’s way out in the trash can if I didn’t just finish it.

I also got the first block done on A Little Happy Christmas Quilt from Pretty Fabrics and Trims. It is such a sweet little quilt with simple appliqué.

Thought I would also show you the progress on my camp rug from Caraway 2018. A little more background done, but I am clearly giving more attention to quilting.

That being said, Kathie, Laura and I headed back to Caraway for a long weekend hooking class with Eric Sandberg. He has dubbed it the “Class Reunion “, as it is a group of 15 of his old hooking students. And our dear Diane has driven from West Virginia to join us.

Oh, did I mention that I am starting another rug????

Take Care,

Tuesday, January 22, 2019

Resurrection from 2014

Having enjoyed making the little Christmas Burgoyne Surrounded quilt so much, it made me think back into the recesses of this poor memory of mine to another quilt I had started by the same name. Yes, there it was, neatly boxed and labeled.  This quilt.....

Yes, you are reading that correctly. A BOM from Temecula Quilt Company, October of 2014:-(.
 This was their antique inspiration quilt...

Beautiful, but so glad they didn’t go for all of those grapes. Here is their version...

And this is how far along I got before putting it away...

Three blocks. I have no idea why I stopped. I have nine blocks and an appliqued border left.

Tonight I got these out...

Read over the instructions and made some progress in getting the remaining blocks cut.

Here I go, one more time.

Found on FB....

Take Care,

Friday, January 18, 2019

Yep, Another Finish!!!

Believe it or not, I have another quilting finish for January. Woohoo!!!

Actually, I started this top as a Leader Ender project when I was working on the little Christmas quilt last month, so a lot of the work was already done. Made entirely from stash, I pulled two charm packs from this collection....

Using this pattern....

From this book....

My version....

I would really like to use up some of the precuts that I have amassed ....perhaps this will be the year.

I have a few ideas, but it is going to take more than a few, lol.

Take Care,

Monday, January 7, 2019

Finally, Finishes!!

Christmas was wonderful, with family and friends. I got the decorations up before the last minute and down before the new year. I have already broken my NY’s resolutions...which is why I rarely make them. And my word for the year has already been a bust. Perhaps I should choose another or just hit reset. It is only the 7th, after all. I will think on it.

In December I FINALLY bound Homespun Medallion and my daughter was able to put it on her table at the farm. She loves it and I am so pleased.

After the first I finished two quilt tops and am hoping that I can keep the momentum going.

First of all was Flowers by Linda Brannock, which was a BOM with my Prim Yahoo group.

My first needle turn appliqué in a very long time.

And I got the Temecula Secret Santa top finished, so hopefully I will be able to enjoy it this coming Christmas!
Both of these were made entirely from stash!!

Took a class at InTown last month for Wildflower may recognize it as the traditional Nosegay Block. We are EPPing the block using our own stashes of non traditional fabrics. I am using Moda grunge dots for the holders, mostly Kaffe’s for the flowers and low volumes for the backgrounds. This will definitely be a project that I work on sporadically (because I am already on project overload), but I do love the two blocks that I have completed.

Today I prepped Months 3&4 of Pretty Priscilla. Fell behind at Christmas, but this will catch me up.

Did a little kidsitting last week and Macy decided she wanted to learn to English paper piece. I was thrilled and she did a great job.

She has requested a sewing kit, so I am working on that. And yes, she’s a lefty.

Mattie definitely enjoyed the Christmas tree....

The grands....

SA at her Christmas semi formal..

Celebrating Dave’s birthday and heart transplant anniversary...

Couldn’t agree more!

Take Care,

Tuesday, December 4, 2018


I have come to realize that I am sorely lacking in resolve. The online dictionary defines resolve as “Firm determination to do something”.  I cannot tell you how many times I have resolved to not have so many projects in the works. Obviously my resolve is overpowered by the lure of new fabrics, favorite patterns and intriguing techniques. I continually fall down the rabbit hole of internet shopping, Pinterest, Instagram and Facebook. All of this to say that, yes, I have been sucked down once more.

I had resolved that I would not be tempted by any of the holiday quilt alongs. Too many irons in the fire, you know. And when 
Temecula Quilt Company came out with their Secret Santa Sew Along, I knew it would be cute, but I passed it by. Didn’t even so much as glance at the steps as they posted on their blog. And then one sleepless night in the wee morning hours, I saw someone’s post with the finished product....

And before I knew it, there were stacks of fabric in reds, greens and creams (all from stash, mind you),waiting on the cutting table for yet another start. Resolve, out the door you go once more.

On a brighter note, Step Five of the six steps is cut and ready to stitch.

Month Two of Pretty Priscilla was completed....
Just in time!

This arrived in the mail the very next day!

I am really loving the fabric choices and the inviting presentation of this BOM from Pretty Fabrics and Trims.

Poor little Casper was attacked by a neighbor’s dog last week (yes, our county does have a leash law and our dogs stay contained with an invisible fence). He had to have sutures in his ear and was pretty pitiful.

Thank goodness it wasn’t worse. He is healing nicely and back to his perky little self.

Time to get ready for our annual Happy Hookers Christmas Party at Kathie’s. Hope all of you are having a great week.

From Bonnie Hunter...

Take Care,