Sunday, November 26, 2017

A Little Slow Stitching

I am trying to get a little slow stitching done before Glorious Gardens meets again next Saturday. (Go on over and see what everyone else is up to here.)

 I have missed the past couple of months and have fallen behind on my goal to get all 92 hexagons done by the end of the year. That will not happen now, but I would like to finish 10 more before next weekend. A couple a day should easily get it done. I’ve got seven cut out, so I need to get three more cut. And I finished a couple yesterday, so 8 to go. These fabrics are so out of the box for me, but I have thoroughly enjoyed working with them.

Reverting back to my more traditional side, I finished off this top and got the backing and binding prepped, so it is all ready to go off for quilting. The pattern, Bricks and Stepping Stones, is a free pattern from Bonnie Hunter 

This was quick and easy...and I love the way it turned out. Everything came from scrap and stash....I even had a batting the right size!

One of the many reasons I love this cooler weather ..

Time for a big pot of greens and some piping hot cornbread....YUM!!!

Got to love this cute cheerleader😍😍

We celebrated Matt’s birthday here this week..

Words of wisdom ...really need to post this in a very visible place in my home.

Take Care,

Sunday, November 12, 2017

A Few Things to Share

Thought I would try to share a few things today. I have actually completed more, but haven’t gotten pics of them yet.

I was able to complete the Temecula First Friday blocks for September and October before November’s showed up in my Inbox.

These blocks,so far, have ended up just the right size for all of these months.....until the large log cabin above. It is 1/2” too small. How did that happen?? I thought I was so careful, I starched my fabrics, I sewed carefully. Ugh!! Well, I am not going to remake it yet. I am going to wait and see if I can fudge somehow when the quilt is constructed. If not, it will be back to the drawing board on that one.

Homespun Medallions is coming along slowly. 

It’s a fun, fast project to hook and could be done quickly if I just devoted a bit more time to it.

Scrappy Chickens is a finish....binding and all.

Had a fun time crafting with these gals...

And making these cute little boxes.

It was Grandparents’ Day at Jackson’s school.

Rob is back in the hospital again with yet another cerebrospinal fluid leak and wound infection. He has been pretty miserable, but feels a bit better today. Prayers appreciated for Rob and all of us who love him dearly.

Take Care,

Wednesday, October 18, 2017

A Surprise

A few days ago I had a nice surprise from Judy, a quilt guild friend. A while back I donated a large stack of scrappy red and cream nine patches to the guild. I had made them as leaders and enders several years ago and no longer had an interest in the project for which they were originally intended. Imagine my delight in seeing them used so artfully to make this wonderful Quilt of Valor!!

Way to go, Judy!! And thanks for sharing the results.

Today was our quarterly Old Folks from the Hospital lunch.

We had a great time catching usual. So much fun to be able to do this.

I recently went to a gardening symposium and had the opportunity to see ....
Felder Rushing.  What fun!! If you ever have the opportunity to see him, do it.

This was the garden he planted in the bed of his vintage truck.

Take Care,

Sunday, October 15, 2017

Moving Along

I have spent the last three days with more time at home than in months. It has been very needed.  It really makes me realize that I am on overload and I need to pare down. Having the Plant Sale under my belt will help hugely, as will some changes we are making with Can’t Never Could. I will always be busy, but I definitely need to do some reallocation of my time.

Today I spent a while in the sewing room. The newest Moda Designer BOM arrived yesterday, so instead of tucking it away for later, I went ahead and whipped it up. 

It was super easy, but cute. Now I need to buckle down and finish up the remaining 200+ flying geese....ugh.

One sleepless night last week I completed the last six blocks needed for Lady of the Lake.

This afternoon I cut the setting and borders. My goal is  to try to get the top finished this week.

Yesterday I did some baking...

Apple Crisp

Fresh Sour Dough bread.

The girls are molting and production is down. We have had a couple of interesting eggs in the nests recently.

First, this tiny little egg.

And then, this monster egg....which turned out to have a double yolk. It is only the second double yolked egg in our five years of having chickens.

Rob, Christi and Robert enjoyed UGA Parent’s Day on Saturday.

Hope everyone has a peaceful Fall week ahead.

Take Care,

Saturday, October 14, 2017

Blue Ribbon Winner

On a whim...and because Blake pushed me to do it...I entered my Bunny rug (design and teacher-Tricia Travis) in the Coweta County Fair this year. I was thrilled to win a Blue Ribbon in Heritage Crafts/Rugs and a Blue Rosette in Department!

Each year it seems that there are fewer exhibitors, which saddens me. When the county was less urban the exhibits always seemed to be full of flowers, handicrafts, farm goods, preserved items and baked goods. Next fall I am going to encourage more people to enter, as I would hate to see this rich tradition disappear.  And I plan to enter more items, which I will be working on through the year and will share here.

Yesterday I froze what will likely be the last of the okra for the year. The green came from our garden and the pretty red came from our local organic farm, where we are members of the CSA.

This beautiful girl was Sophomore Homecoming Representative at her school this weekend, and was escorted by her handsome dad.

Making precious memories.

Have a wonderful weekend!

Take Care,

Sunday, October 8, 2017

Rainy Sunday

The tropical storms afforded us some much needed rain today....and a good excuse to stay in jammies and just generally take it easy. A much needed break from a hugely busy couple of weeks.

Today I finally arrived here on the Moda Designer Mystery BOM....

This is row one with the surrounding strips and sashing attached. Upon examination of the finishing kit, it became immediately apparent that I needed to add the flying geese surround units and sashing units as I went or it was going to take forever and get awfully boring at the end. For those of you making this quilt, note that I intentionally swapped Blocks 1 and 3. I just didn’t care for the orientation of the flower in Block faced I switched it to my liking.

This is Block 4, which means I am at least up to date on this BOM.

Yesterday was our Master Gardener Fall Plant Sale. I was co-chair. The weather was gorgeous, we had over 3500 wonderful plants,  plenty of friendly volunteers and great customers. We made over $5000, so we were thrilled....and exhausted.

Doesn’t it look great??

On Friday we gave Amy her prenuptial rehearsal party....

And allowed her to sneak off to the beach on Saturday for the real thing.

These guys are enjoying some time in the mountains along with the Horne family.

This is where I am....emotionally and physically. In need of the kind of rest that can only be afforded by our Father:

Take Care,

Sunday, September 24, 2017

Time for Some Slow Stitching

Sunday presented some time for a little slow stitching for a change. Between putting up veggies and car pooling Macy about town for a couple of hours, I was able to start work on circle number six of the Fussy Cut Friday EPP'ed six pointed star circles. You are actually able to sort of see where this project is going now.  Still lots of work left.

I am also working on the FQS Mystery Designer BOM. Haven't done this month's block, but have been working steadily (sort of) on the setting. As someone else mentioned, it would be a challenge to wait until the end to start assembling them. 

This one has the first two rounds. I really like has over 300 flying geese. Yes, that is right. They are made using Eleanor Burns' flying geese ruler. It was my first time using this method. They came out extremely accurate, but the process is a bit tedious.

This sweet girl, who is beautiful inside and out, celebrated her sweet 16th last week.

And these guys loved the UGA game Saturday night. Go Dawgs!!!

The Estes family really needs your prayers as Rob's disease progresses and they are faced with difficult decisions.

Sound familiar??

Take Care,