Friday, January 12, 2018


As I read through the NY’s postings of many of the wonderful blogs I follow, I find myself overwhelmed by the detailed lists of goals each are setting. They are wonderful and ambitious and I wish I was there, but the truth is, I am not. Getting through each day, worrying about my sweet family and getting past the loss of Rob is about all of the challenge I feel up to at this point. Don’t misunderstand me, we are not wallowing in misery, but this new normal is just taking some time...and I am okay with that. All this being said, to get back to the subject of goal setting. I do want to set some goals and to accomplish projects. I am thinking that small, weekly goals might work best for me now. For some reason, setting goals at the end of a week seems better for me, too.
So here crafting goals for the coming week..
1. Finish stitching the final 14 Glorious Gardens full hexies
2. Finish the orange/green hooked Homespun Medallion square
3. Plan the next Homespun Medallion row
4. Finish the last First Friday Block
5. Find/print First Friday finishing instructions 
6. Repair Blake’s jacket 
7. Repair Blake’s jeans.

Will be back to this list next week to see how I did.

Today I have been busy prepping the the final GG blocks so that they will be ready for stitching.

With the usual helpers...

Here are my latest GGs.....

Longing for Spring...

Take care,


  1. The hexagon blocks are marvelous. Each a surprise. I am going to have to wait until all are done so I can pick a favorite or two though the turkey feather one from a previous post is high up there.
    You have an ambitious goal for the week and I hope you get to all you have planned. Repairing clothing is at the bottom of my list most of the time.
    I received your note in the mail and I thank you. We do have a new normal to get used to and it isn't the easiest accomplishment.

  2. You didn't read any ambitious detailed goals on my blog, lol. But must admit that I am envious of your helpers, wish mine was still here.

  3. What an adjustment you and your family have, Jennie. It's never easy when the structure of a family changes because of the loss of one. Change and adjusting are hard at the best of times.

    I love your Glorious Garden blocks. They are amazing, and so bright and beautiful. And what sweet helpers you have.

    Blessings to you and your family.

  4. Beautiful blocks... stitching things back together... one stitch at a time... hugs