Friday, November 18, 2016

The Crud

I have spent the last few days fighting allergies. No fun, but typical for me at this time of the year. Was really hoping the allergy injections would rid me of this, but it was not to be. Okay, enough whining.

Is anyone doing Lisa Bongean's quilt along, The Magic of Christmas? Being oh so clever, if you recall, I decided to do both versions, Country and City. Moved right along through Block 3 and then I don't know what happened. When I looked up they were on Block 13. So I spent a week catching up. 
Yes, those are 1" finished half square triangles....ugh!
One thing I discovered is that prints that are not as busy or dense work best in these smaller light colored blocks. These above and below are way too busy, but no way I am doing them over.
Twenty fiddly little 6" blocks. I mean, these blocks are not easy...they have lots of points and pieces...a true gesture in patience and accuracy. But caught up....until the day after I finished these when she posted FOUR more!
When will this ever end????

The past two days I have been staying with the grand teens while their parents are in Arizona. This is a pic of them, along with girlfriend Christine, tonight.

Christi is being recognized as Caregiver of the Year at  the Society of Neurooncology Convention in Scottsdale, Arizona.
 That meant a lovely, free get away for she and Rob, in addition to the well deserved honor. People often don't realize what a huge undertaking caregiving can be. So blessed to claim this sweet girl as my daughter.

 Take care,


  1. Great job on the blocks. Wish I had time to join in on the fun. Congratulations to your daughter, a well deserved honor to be sure.

  2. You are quilter extraordinaire. Both versions are beautiful. That was a lot of catching up to do!
    What a well deserved honor for Christi. Such a nice getaway for her and Rob. I still smile every time I think of his last check up. What a blessing.
    Hugs :)

  3. The two versions of the blocks have more of a different look than I thought they would. Both nice.

  4. Your blocks are really pretty! I still have to do the most recent 4 blocks. I'm only making her country version. I don't know if you noticed this but your print fabric block, pictured third from the bottom has the upper 2 HST units going the wrong way. Sorry I just thought you'd want to know before you spotted it in a finished quilt. Can't wait to see the rest of your blocks.