Friday, November 25, 2016

A Flimsy Finish

Festive Forest is a flimsy now. 
The backing and binding are made and it is ready to go to be quilted. I am good to wait for it to be quilted later. It will give me a new holiday quilt for next year. I don't normally keep up with this sort of thing, but I used 6 1/2 yards from stash for the backing, binding and tree trunks. It was nice to be able to do that.

Here is another Lucy all finished...

I was given a new sourdough recipe....
 It produces a lovely soft loaf...actually 2-3 depending on the size. Most of my sourdough recipes produce more of an artisan loaf, which is also good. But this is a nice change. My family didn't bake loaves of bread, so to me there is something magical about a loaf of bread fresh from the oven. 

Tomorrow I hope to get the final borders on Cathedral Stars. That will give me two flimsies finished in a week. A record for me. I am feeling successful!!!

My old Roxie is declining. It is hard to see this strong willed girl failing. 
She is not so steady on her feet and refuses her dog food, preferring baked chicken, hand fed to her instead. She does continue to take walks in the yard and ask for her treats. It is not easy, but we love her and try to keep quality in mind.

I am so grateful for the women of my family for sharing their love of making things with me.
 Take Care,


  1. You can quilt and bake bread too?! You are an amazing woman. Sorry to hear about your Roxie.

  2. I like your Christmassy trees a lot - nice balance of colours. The bread looks great - I love sourdough, though only really know the more artisan version.