Sunday, November 13, 2016

A Step in Faith

Starting this blog post with faith....or at least hope....that I have found a solution, allowing me to post from my phone.

It has been so long since I posted, and really, there is no catching up. The next few posts may seem a little random as a result.

At our recent Dogwood ATHA Hook In, Leita's ( center) rug was chosen as Viewer's Choice. There is no question why!
She said that when she finished, she realized that it really needed a border. Great decision.
It is just wonderful!!

I finished Jack and Jinx, pattern by Maggie B. I had them displayed on the bench of our antique hall tree, looking good. And then I noticed that Jinx had disappeared. I think I know who the culprit was, but despite searching high and low....inside and out...I have yet to find a trace of poor Jinx. Lesson learned, higher is better.

Ann, a Happy Hooker friend, took the Lucy Boston POTC mini class from Kathie, Laura and me. She brought her gorgeous, FINISHED Lucy to our last meeting. Not only is it hand pieced, but also handquilted and hand bound. Not a single machine stitch in this beauty!! I am so proud of her.

Ann's finish started me thinking about my own Lucy, now a UFO. I pulled my blocks out and found that I have 32 finished blocks with borders added. And, based on the size of Ann and Kathie 's tops, I have decided that 42 blocks, instead of Lucy's 56, will be just fine for me. That leaves me with only ten to go rather than 56. Now that is both doable and encouraging!!! So, I am back at it. 
This is number 33!

We celebrated Sara Ashley's fifteenth birthday the last of September.

The beginning of Robert's Senior year of high school....
And GA Bulldog football!!

And this big girl has gone to Obedience School for 4-6 weeks. We miss her terribly, but she really needed this.

More in the next few days...I hope!

Take Care,


  1. That is some serious obedience school!!! Did that black beauty have anything to do with Jinx's disappearance? Too funny that you can't find him.
    Leita's rug is stunning and Lucy Boston is amazing!!!
    As always, sweet pics of the grands.
    You are a better woman than I. I would not even attempt blogging from my iPhone.
    Hugs :)

  2. Congratulations on your success in posting, Jennie. It looks great.

    Your friend's Lucy Boston looks fabulous. And I love the block you showed, too. Hooray for only 10 to go. We lose things around our house, too, when our grandchildren visit. I hope you find Jinx somewhere before you have to change out to Christmas decorations.

  3. I like the little Halloween pieces. I want to make a few wool pillow type designs to fill a basket.

  4. You have a beautiful family. So do you think a four legged family member absconded with your pillow?

  5. Oh dear--I hope you find that pillow--it's adorable! The hooked rug is amazing!