Monday, November 14, 2016

Moving on with Lucy

As I mentioned in my previous post, I am moving along with my Patchwork of the Crosses blocks. It is not a speedy process, but I love English Paper Piecing.

I am working on number 36 tonight...

And here are numbers 34 & 35....

A couple of months ago I EPP'ed these little hexagon flowers...they are 3 1/2" on 4 1/2" background squares.
The pattern is by Kathleen Tracy and is called Hexagon Flower Doll Quilt.

Last night I added the borders....
And realized that the very light block was way too light.  So I used the antiquing spray on that block only, held my breath and came up with this when it had dried this morning...,
Whew!!! Much better.  I had wanted to make this piece for a long time, so it is nice to scratch it off the list. And I am quite happy with it.  I want to handquilt it, so I will set it aside for now.

Sara Ashley is a freshman at her new school. I am SO proud of her. As some of you might remember, she has been in a wonderful school for children with learning differences since first grade because of dyslexia and ADHD. Her transition into her new "regular " school has been amazing. She is making A's, assimilating socially....and her teachers say they have never had a child so well prepared and capable of advocating for her learning style. Thank you, Bedford School!!!

And her dad, in a clinical trial since April, has gone from this 3.8 cm tumor in April to no evidence of tumor in October. Praise God!

Both of my daughters and their families spent their annual Fall break in Blue Ridge this year. 
So thankful that this has happened once again.

Take care,


  1. I always find Patchwork of the Crosses blocks interesting.

  2. I first heard of these flower delivery guys when an admirer sent my boss a bouquet for her birthday and it was quite beautiful. I was looking to send a gift and because of the San Francisco Florist received the loveliest call thanking me.

  3. I'd say that last scan was a beauty! Good news and yes a 'praise God' is right. Your quilts are beautiful and labor intensive for sure. That last picture can also apply to wool ~ I'm just not hooking fast enough.

  4. You have much to be thankful for. A beautiful family and no evidence of a tumor for Rob. What a blessing.
    Sarah Ashley is a doll and you have every right to be exceptionally proud of her.
    Hugs :)

  5. That is one beautiful CT Scan!!!! :-)