Sunday, November 13, 2016

Frustration 2

When I search for my old Blogger app in the App Store I am unable to locate it.  Instead, I find Blog Manager. I can certainly post from that site, but can't get photos to upload. What is a blog without photos???

Now I have found this app, Blogtouch, which represents itself as free, but has already asked for $ to upgrade. 

It has allowed me to insert this photo of our first double yolked egg after 4 years of raising chickens.
The photo appears to be huge. Let's see now if I can publish.  Nope, no deal.

Now I have paid $4.99, for what I am hoping is not a lost goes......



  1. I still have not received a response from the Blogspot Developer either. Nor have I seen an update for the ap.

  2. Jennie, your post and photo both published. Maybe it really works but from your end it just doesn't look like it? It's crazy how much tech knowledge one has to have these days just to post to a blog from a smart phone. I hope you get it worked out (especially after paying the $4.99).