Tuesday, July 12, 2016

Mess vs. Creativity

I don't know about you guys out there, but I get to a point where my messes drain me of the urge to be creative. I avoid my sewing area like the plague. I find myself sitting in my chair staring mindlessly at television shows or my iPad. When I venture into my sewing area, I am overwhelmed by stuff and projects waiting in various and sundry stages of incompleteness. Fabrics are stuffed into shelves, project boxes open here and there, the sewing machine hidden beneath goodness knows what. I turn around and leave. I cannot face it.

But eventually the creative urge overcomes me, and it is time AGAIN to clean and organize and take stock. The reality is, that I rather enjoy doing this once I get started. The OCD in me, I suppose. And I love the end result. So, that is where I am now. It may take me days, as I work between other activities. But I will get it done, do a good job and enjoy the process.

So, here is one of the things I am doing....tackling my scraps with a vengeance. It takes a long time, but my system is set up and I am plugging along. Thanks, Bonnie Hunter, for your wonderful lecture on this topic at our June guild meeting.  

Crammed into my fabric closet was a huge mound of Moda miscuts. Like several bagsful all emptied out and slithering around.

This is all that is left after I trimmed them into 2" & 2 1/2" strips and stored them NEATLY in my scrapsaver system.
Good thing I bought new blades!!

So, the task will continue, and I will keep you posted. Know you are waiting with baited breath....LOL.

Last week I kid sat with the younger grands. They went to Day Camp and I got to be their parent at the closing ceremony on Friday..,

Kelley posted this. I just had to share...
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  1. Are the Moda "miscuts" from bags of Moda scraps? I have seen the scrap bags for sale maybe at Hancock's website and they do look interesting.

  2. I can really relate to your creative messes draining you of your urge to be creative. I could have written that whole paragraph! I too, get overwhelmed by all of the unfinished projects and fabrics strewn about. But new ideas are sometimes too difficult to work on with all the confusion. I am in that place right now too, so I completely understand. The irony is that, as soon as it is somewhat straightened out, I start tearing it all apart again!

  3. It is so easy for our creative spaces to turn into a disaster. Sure does feel good when it gets organized. Too bad it never stays that way, and mine is mostly hooking stuff. I don't have all the quilting/fabric stuff to deal with like you do.
    I saw that on Kelley's blog, too.
    Hugs :)