Wednesday, July 6, 2016

Happy Hookers

Last night was Happy Hooker night at Kathie's. It was our first meeting since our dear Diane moved to West Virginia, and she was sorely missed. Hoping these photos (which are pretty bad because of the lighting, sorry) will help her to keep up with us!! Love you Diane!!!

Kathie with her Santa that was designed and started in a class with Tish Murphy a couple of years ago at Caraway. 

Jan's bright and beautiful Bea Brock design. She is almost done.

Cindy has made a good start on her sweet rug for her grandson.

Laura's beautiful peacock. She started this Lib Callway pattern at Caraway with Jeanne Benjamin this year.

Vicki's wonderful village by Woolen Memories. Look, Diane, she used that red wool on her house that you had used.

Jackie's broken foot has meant staying at home and getting lots of Punchneedle done!

Beth wove the fabric and stitched up this great bag. The wooden button was hand turned by her weaving teacher's hubby.

And this is the rug she just started.

Finally, this is the rug I started at Caraway this year in Jeanne Benjamin's class. The pattern is Hidden in the Ivy by Primitive Grace. I took creative license and changed the cat in the center to a dog....of course.

Sara Ashley had the opportunity to ride with the hounds when they visited Big Red Oak. 
She is on the right front. Her tall, lanky frame makes her look so graceful in the saddle....says her very prejudiced Mimi.

Take Care,


  1. Goodness you've a great bunch of talented women in your group. Oh I'm envious of Sarah Ashley because as a kid I loved horses and finally got one of my own. You'll think I'm crazy but I loved to lift his mane and smell that sweet horseflesh.

  2. What great show & tell! Tell all the ladies that they're very talented~!

  3. Mimi has every right to be prejudiced. Sara Ashley does look quite elegant.
    I love Kathie's Santa and your rug is wonderful. What a happy piece. So many great projects.
    Hugs :)

  4. I'm amazed at how much detail you rug hookers can create with such wide pieces of fabric (compared to thread). It's wonderful!

    I'm imagining the heat and humidity of Ohio (both in the 90s) when I look at your granddaughter and her friends on the horses. She does look very graceful -- as though she were born to the saddle.

    --Nancy. (ndmessier @,