Friday, July 1, 2016

Caraway Rug School Rug Show Part 1

I was fortunate to,again, attend the Caraway Rug School in Asheboro, NC, on June19 - 24. I have only missed one year since 2004. It is always a highlight in my year. Once again, I studied with Jeanne Benjamin. I have never done a rug with her that I didn't love.

On Wednesday, we had our annual rug show. What an amazing array of different rugs from so many talented hookers. Tonight I will share with you part of my favorites, with more posts to follow, as I can't get them all in one post.  I did my best to get legible labels in the photos, since there was no way I could remember all of the info. For those that aren't legible, I apologize .

Sweet Ashley celebrated a birthday in June....

And Jackson's Newnan Comets All Star Team came in second in the region!!

While Robert and Sara Ashley went on Choir Tour to the Midwest with Newnan FUMC. 

A busy month for all.

Take care,


  1. Lovely rug show. I had Jeanne as a teacher several years ago. Guess she still loves Bob Dylan?

  2. The first rug you show is amazing. Imagine royal looking cattle!

  3. Thanks for the show. I've seen Sybil's rug in person, too, and it is stunning. I admire her work but do not aspire to be like!
    Lucky you to attend Caraway each year.
    Happy birthday to Sara Ashley, congrats to Jackson's team and I'm sure the grands had a wonderful choir tour.
    Happy 4th to you!!!
    Hugs :)