Saturday, May 2, 2015

Start Where You Are

I haven't blogged in awhile. I can't really explain why. I enjoy blogging. The more I fell behind in my blogs, the more difficult it was to restart. Do I try to catch up? At first I thought I would, but it seemed overwhelming. My friend, Laura, called today to be sure I was okay because I wasn't blogging. I explained that I was so far behind that I didn't know where to start. Her advice gave me start where I am.

Here are a couple of things I finished in April...
This cute wool applique pillow was a very old kit from Ginger Cookie Company. I love the vintage look.  Nice to finally have it done.

Betty Lou and Mr. Britches were bound and displayed for Easter. Patterns by Maria Barton, Star Rug Company. I love her whimsical designs.

This has been a month for family birthdays. 




And John' photo.

That wasn't so hard!  I am back in the saddle. Nice.

Have a great weekend and.....
Take Care,


  1. Sweet chicks! Glad you posted.

  2. Lovely post, glad you are back love and blessings Sue x

  3. Lovely post, glad you are back love and blessings Sue x

  4. Glad you are back and that pillow is just adorable! I just finished getting five projects together for a craft retreat next weekend - been putting that off and figured I couldn't do that any longer LOL

  5. Start where you are is great advice. I too, got very behind on blogging, and then was overwhelmed with the thought of trying to "catch up". I knew if I didn't jump back in, I would never blog again. So, you're off to a great start. I'm surprised you've found any time for stitching with all the partying!!

  6. Great advice... glad you are back! Love the background on the bunny rugs... Happy Birthday to everyone!