Sunday, May 17, 2015

Slow Stitching Today

In order to remain on schedule, I needed to finish up my Lucy Boston block for the week today. Four days of rug hooking in Atlanta made for a tight schedule. So, I think I will link up with Kathy for a little Slow Stitching this Sunday.


Became Lucy Boston block #21!!

And then I worked on cutting some more blocks....
This is the hardest part......cutting the designs to match, figuring out the angles on the stripes, etc. reminds me of geometry.....not my favorite subject.  Agh, but when they go together it is worth the effort.

My sister and brother in law celebrated their 60th Anniversary this week. Way to go guys!

This is in honor of my incredible granddaughter who, with dyslexia and ADHD, learns a little differently, but has the most beautiful soul and is smart as can be.  She has taught me so much about tolerance and kindness.

Take Care,


  1. That looks like great fabric for this type of project although it will look like swiss cheese when you are finished cutting your shapes out!

  2. A beautiful block... the fussy cutting is worth the extra effort :)

  3. That's perfect fabric for a POTC. That's on my list as well ... I think I want to use 1/2" pieces but for the sake of my eyesight and sanity, I'll probably use 3/4" pieces.

  4. Your POTC block is gorgeous!

  5. I am very impressed by this block, unusual to me! Best wishes to you sister, brother in law and granddaughter!

  6. That block is beautiful. I love geometry! (Math teacher here) I have yet to attempt one of those blocks yet though. I totally agree with your final sentiment about "gifted" children. Sometimes we just have to uncover the hidden gifts.

  7. Your EPP block is beautiful. It must take a lot of planning to get the patterns working like that, but it's definitely worth the effort.