Saturday, May 30, 2015

Finishing Green

Finished the last two RSC Green blocks for May and linking up over at So Scrappy.

Other than these two blocks, my only stitching for the week was Lucy Boston. Will post those tomorrow.  Yard work and gardening seem to take the forefront this time of the year.

These Seven Sisters roses were started a few years ago from small runners we dug off the side of the road. They are beautiful now, covering our entire span of fence here.
Close up of the clusters, each with seven roses.

This bed of Verbena was also the result of road side scanvenging.

And we dug up expired gardenias in this bed and replaced them with these hostas and ferns. They are already filling out.

Part of my favorite verse...

Take Care,


  1. Great job with the greens! And your flowers are beautiful. I've never heard of Seven sisters roses. How interesting!

  2. Lovely blocks and lovely nature photos! Thanks for sharing.

  3. Wow those roses are gorgeous! Thanks for sharing them.

  4. I am completely jealous of your roadside bounty. Wish I could get something to thrive besides bindweed and thistles!
    Your blocks are lovely.

  5. Your roadside finds are beautiful. It's always so rewarding to see a garden thrive. Great green blocks.