Friday, May 22, 2015

Dogwood ATHA Rugshow

Meant to post these a couple of days ago, but it just wasn't meant to be. This isn't all of the rugs that were in the show, as I was late getting photos. I apologize that I don't know who the artist was on many of the rugs, as there was a contest to choose your favorite rug and the names were beneath the rugs.

I believe the stool on the left is Barbara Springer's. It is a Tish Murphy design. Don't know about the cute hexagon stool on the right.

This beauty is an original design based on an antique coverlet. Designed and hooked by Diane Gill. Definitely on my to do list.

Don't know who LM is, but I love this rug.

Cute and whimsical...hooker and designer unknown.

This beauty is Sunny Splendor by Linda Bell.

Hooked by Sheri Bennett, this wonderful rug was designed by Michelle Micarelli.

Vicky Gusler adapted this wonderfully primitive design from a quilt pattern by Jan Patek.

Don't know whose this is, but I love it. Anything with a dog sends me over the moon.

Another unknown...bright and cheery.

Also unknown . Lots of interesting things to see on this one.

Crock by Nancy Diegel...designer unknown. She has done two of these great pieces.

Lovely Christmas runner...unknown.

I don't love brights, but I love this rug. Unknown.

I believe this is one of Sheri Bennett's scrap rugs. They are great.

More primitive 9 square version of American Fancies. Designed by Eric Sandberg, hooked by Nancy Diegel.

Hope you enjoyed!

No, we haven't lost one of our dogs, I just love this.

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  1. I'm scrolling back through your posts to see what I've missed. THANK YOU for sharing these rugs! They are so charming. I found several favorites just in what you were able to share. I'm guessing the original show could have been overwhelming. In a good way of course!