Monday, December 30, 2013

One More Day.......

One more day until the NY rolls in.  Tonight I finally got around to taking the ornaments off the tree.  Everything else will be put away tomorrow.  My mother always said it was bad luck to leave your decorations up after NY's......personally, I think she was just ready to see them go so that she could clean the house.

Today I thought I would share with you one of my favorite binding tricks.  I am sure I must have seen it somewhere else, but I can't remember where.  At any rate, it works like a dream for me.

Once the binding is pressed, I roll it up, then place the roll on the spindle of my machine.  As I stitch, I simply gently roll the binding off the spindle.  No more snarls and winding, no more binding all twisted and dirty on the floor.  If you don't have an extra spindle on your machine, you can use one of the free standing ones that you use with the cones of thread.  The other binding trick that I really love is the invisible join.  It can be seen at this link starting at about 6:30 on the video.  It has made a huge difference in the way my bindings turn out.

I spent the day today working on a little project that is one of those God Wink kind of things.  Years ago....literally.....I bought a sweet little baby quilt kit at a shop in Stone Mountain that closed long ago.  I tucked it away, thinking I would make it when my grandchildren came along.  Well, when I was cleaning I ran across it, but really didn't think much of it.  Chances are slim that we will have more grandchildren.  Well, one of my dear friends became grandmother to a baby girl this week, and I didn't have any idea what to get for her.  Alas, today I pieced the top and hopefully tomorrow I will get the backing and binding made so that I can quilt it later in the week.  Perfect!!  I would show you a photo, but I accidentally left my camera on and the battery is dead.  But I will post one this week.

Might I add, my new work space is perfect....ever so much better.  I can press, use the design wall and stitch without ever leaving my chair.  I am a happy camper. Thanks for all of your comments.

The Estes Family is taking a very special vacation......a Christmas gift for the entire Jackson Hole, Wyoming.  Robert and Sara Ashley couldn't have been more surprised with this gift...and excited.  On their first day there, they went to lunch at a local pizzeria and ran into Harrison Ford!!  I am thinking that Robert is much more handsome :-))

And today they spent the entire day snowmobiling at Yellowstone.

Christi was recently a guest blogger on Abingdon Women.  I invite you to visit their blog and enjoy her gift of writing, her honesty and frankness about their situation.

God Winks.
Hot baths with scented bath salts.

Take care,


  1. Great tip on the binding! Thanks! It's nice to see that Harrison Ford is a down to earth person that would take the time to take a picture with the kids! Very nice!

  2. So glad to have come upon your blog! I have so enjoyed looking at all your lovely projects and love your newly laid out sewing space-enjoy! I was very tempted with the BOM from PG with the wording and seeing yours I am still tempted!lol!
    Thanks for sharing-truly inspirational, Shazy