Friday, December 27, 2013

Final Fling

Last night DH took me out to a nice dinner at Longhorn Steakhouse....yummm.  AND, since Joann's was just around the corner, I took the opportunity to have a final shopping fling before the NY.  With coupon and Gift Cards from dear step-daughter's family in hand I bought a few necessities (okay, wants, but they are things to work with, so they could be necessities).

A much coveted rotating cutting mat and three of the rulers recommended by Bonnie Hunter.  I mean, if I am cutting up all of those itty bitty pieces according to her system, I have to have the rulers she uses to make the quilts, right????

Finally put the final stitches in another Primitive Garden block....the Rake block.  I think I have been working on this quilt for a gazillion years.  Just maybe this will be the year I finish it.  Sorry, these blocks always look so dark when I photograph them, even after they are edited.

Barb from Quiltwhinny suggested that I donate some of my fabrics for Quilts of Valor and Heartstring or other charity quilts.  Conincidentally, ever since our LQS closed in August, Heartstrings has been meeting at my home.  And our Sew Crazy group meets here also, and we make Quilts of Valor.
All of which is great fun and enables me to run pull stuff from my stash for the groups.  In addition, I have worked on a lot of string blocks this Fall when I was needing mindless stitching to do.....they are so gratifying and simple.  Here are photos of a few that we have done.

I pieced these blocks and stitched them together (this is a pre setting photo) and they went off with another group member to be quilted.  This is not my favorite top, but it does like kind of masculine.

String X blocks.  I pieced the blocks, other members set and quilted them.

QOV top, blocks pieced by all of the group and set together by one member.

Nice to hear from a lot of you that you are in the same position as me.....lots of stuff, still buying, UFOs, and oh, those BOMs!!!!  Glad to be in good company.  

Being able to take something I am passionate about and use it to do for others.
Nice dinners with my best friend and love.

Take care,

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  1. Jennie, loved hearing about your Heartstrings group and beautiful donation quilts! Barb