Thursday, December 26, 2013

Oh My !!

Okay, I am going to be totally honest here.  I don't usually admit to New Year's Resolutions, but I can see that a couple are going to have to be in order this year.  Let's just take a look..........

The cutting table piled with UFOs and mending.  Cutting board wavy and nearly unusable due to me ironing on it :-((  Note brand new cutting mat (in my possession for over a month) rolled up to the side of cutting table.  I think that is called lazy.

Main sewing storage closet with fabric stuffed in all willy nilly and pouring out onto the floor.

View 2 of main sewing closet.  No more room!!!

 Small storage closet with three large unfinished rugs and their wool stuffed into the bottom, along with plenty of other stuff.

View 2 of second storage closet.  Too much stuff.

Chair with quilts ready to be bound, baskets running over.

Side of cutting table.  Nice new rolling bag from DD2 as Christmas gift.....where to store??

So, I have cleaned these closets out in the past year.  The truth is that there is NOTHING that I want to donate, trash or give away.  I want it all!!!!!  And I could clean it out again, but the reality is that there is no place for all of it.  I would just wreck it again when I start dragging fabrics out looking for the perfect piece.  And there is not a single space in the sewing room for another storage shelf.  Honestly, I don't want any more storage.  I want things to fit nicely in what I have.  I want the space to be accessible and lovely.  My conclusion is, that in order to obtain the desired results, in 2014 I must stitch like a maniac to use up some of that stuff, and I must shop from stash first.  And I really want to bust some UFOs......especially those big rugs.  Sounds familiar, huh??  Well, I am holding myself to it.  I might need some encouragement, a reminder here or there, but I have some great fabrics, rugs, UFOs and kits and I need to use them.  I am committed .  I just need to keep coming back to this post to remind myself.

I have also been working on my overflowing scrap bin.  I would say that about half of my scraps are now neatly cut and organized into Bonnie Hunter's Scrap Saver system.

Friend Sandy, who just got through with a major studio reorganization, ditched this organizer and I relieved her of it and set up the system in it.  I hope that after doing all of this cutting I will actually use these gazillion strips, blocks and bricks.  Does anyone out there do this???  Tell me you use them after going to all of this work........

All of this being said, I am not limiting myself from starting new projects.  I will just do my very best to use some of what I have in them.  And if I see something I absolutely can't live without, it will probably be mine.  But not in massive quantities, and not if I have something that will work.

Last night I actually put the new cutting mat on the table and weighted it down.  Today I am going to get things in enough order that I can actually get some work done.  And then, little by little, I am going to get those closets into shape by getting some things finished.....not by reorganizing!!  Wish me luck here.

My stuff and a sewing room to keep it in.
Leftovers and food gift cooking today.

Take care,


  1. Best wishes! Your honesty is terrific and will get you going in the right direction for a great 2014! Also, remember that you can donate some of your fabric to groups that are making soldier quilts or baby quilts and everyone will benefit.

  2. I am working on using up fabrics I have but have still bought new...joined BOM's etc and I know I will never stop! I should save for retirement..oh..wait..I am already retired! Yey

  3. I love all my stuff too. I go through it and it just gives me the enthusiasm to start a new project. Which I don't need because I want to finish those UFOs. I have cut up a lot of my older large scraps into 3" squares thinking I can make 2 1/2" HST at some point but I haven't done it yet. Well, it feels good to have it all organized so best wishes.

  4. I never cut unless it's what I need there and then, and scraps, I don't keep them. I know I will always go to the cupboard and pull out a bigger piece. I have a couple of chest of drawers and 'the stuff' can't fall out of them. It's hard when we like more than one craft.

  5. I want to come dig in all your stuff. There are treasures to be found. I have never used strips from a cutting system like Bonnie uses. But I have read on blogs of people doing it. I just don't do much piecing any more. I do cut 1 1/2" squares from small left over pieces and throw them in a container. Cheri Saffiote-Payne uses them in her patterns and says that she keeps a supply of the squares ready to dig into. I have used those.

  6. I'm with you, I need to shop in my stash more and then everything will fit better in the space I have.I don't cut before I need to but keep thinking I should do that someday.