Saturday, December 28, 2013

Leaders and Enders

I decided that if I am going to do this Bonnie Hunter program, I might as well go all the way.  By this, I mean that I am going to start out with one of her Leaders and Enders quilts.  I am not ready to bite off one of her mysteries yet.  I have actually done a Leaders and Enders many moons ago....they are red & white/cream nine patches which have yet to be assembled (but I do know where they are, and I have the fabric to set them with).  All in all, the process works pretty well.

The pattern I have chosen is from her Leaders and Enders book and is called Rick Rack Nines.  I like the traditional scrappiness of the pattern.

I don't, however, intend to make it king sized.......which amounts to 290 five inch nine patches!!!  Yikes.  I will just stop when I think I have enough.  One nice thing is that it doesn't matter, color and value wise,  where you place your squares.  You can just pick up the squares and stitch.

This is the system I am using.....

Small 3 Drawer Bin

2" Squares

In assembly process.

Finished 9 patches.

I realized that I need to make cutting 2" blocks a priority as I continue to trim my scraps.  Even with making the quilt smaller, it is going to take a lot of those babies!!

And finally, this is Sara Ashley yesterday in Gay with Dakota.  She is wearing her new horse sweater that Pop and I gave her for Christmas.

A day spent never leaving the house.
Sleeping late with my doggies snuggled close (Blake had something to do early today).
Watching the chickens come running as I approach the pen...they know I spoil them.

Take care,


  1. What a great project! Looks like you're very organized and on a good start for the new year. Love the random, scrappy look.
    Sara and Dakota- two cuties! I have similar gratitudes. Barb

  2. I like the quilt you have picked. I hope it lets you use up lots of fabrics.

  3. The nine patches would be something as a leader and ender project that would not take too much thought. I am not good with doing something like that. I forget what I am doing.
    Love the horse sweater. Perfect for a horse lover.