Thursday, May 30, 2013

String X

Have I mentioned that string quilting is addicting??  When I am working on all of those projects on my "To Do" list the strings are quietly tempting me to spend just a few minutes with them....really, just a couple of blocks, you don't have to make many, just a few all along will result in something good.

So, 56 blocks later, I have the beginnings of this String X Quilt that I found on Bonnie Hunter's site (you can follow the link, just in case you might be tempted).  Honestly, all in one afternoon and evening, like a woman possessed.  It is a sickness, I am sure.

I plan to get this one into flimsy status before donating it.  Next up is trimming the points, then the setting.  I plan to use a conglomeration of whites and white on whites from my stash for the setting blocks.  Not sure when I will progress to the next stage, but the blocks are still sitting on the sewing table staring at me.  And the string bin.......not a bit emptier, I swear.

Today Jackson tried out his new Slip 'n Slide that Pop and Mimi gifted him with for his birthday.  I do believe he likes it.

Making something from nearly nothing.
Free quilt patterns and inspiration.
The reckless abandon of little children.

Take care,

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