Saturday, June 1, 2013


It is difficult to comprehend that we are entering the sixth month of 2013.  In evaluating my project progress, I would say that I am on track.  More than expected, less than desired.......what can I say?  I always believe that I can achieve much more than I really can.  I have completed 31 projects thus far, of which 12 were UFOs.  Ideally, I would like to see more UFO finishes in the future least in equal number to the new starts.  Many of the new starts were from stash, but some were new purchases.
Another goal for the remainder of the year will be to cut down on the number of new purchases.

Let's take a look at May.  There was absolutely no progress on the little Blackwork quilt, so it will go back onto the list for June.  The Albany Sampler and Checkerboard Rugs and Patiently Waiting Runner, all UFOs, were completed and I blogged about them previously.  Haven't touched the woven scarf.  The knit shawl only lacks about 10 rows being finished and I should easily accomplish that in June.  I did make some progress on the Lion and Lamb, but don't see myself finishing it before Caraway, as I had hoped.  Here is where I stand with it.  As you can see, I have filled in some more on the right hand side and top, but still have lots to go.

I worked on all of the BOMs except Primitive Garden.  I am working on getting Love Letters (Really, it is named Kisses From Your Beloved) into a top. 

The redwork My Family wallhanging can come off the list, as it is in flimsy stage now and ready to go to the longarmer next week. It will be added back in when it returns for binding.

Garden Baskets is up to date, and I have trimmed and set together the first nine blocks.  Just received Block Ten and have it prepped to stitch in June.

Here is the list for June.  There will, of course, be the class rug (that will be started at Caraway with Jeanne Benjamin the week of rug camp) to add, but I'll do that later.  Looking at this list, I am really thinking that accomplishing all of this is unadulterated optimism.......there is rug camp, Vacation Bible School at the church and gardening all to be done this month.  But I can always dream and strive and when all else fails, revise the list.

Friends who understand when my brain is not in gear.
A quick nap on the porch swing.
Warm, homemade cinnamon rolls from the aforementioned friend.

Take care,


  1. I like the hooked rug design. Looking very good.

    I did those wool baskets for someone else. I really enjoyed making them.

    I think I need to do the list thing. It might keep me on track a little better. You seem to do very well and have accomplished a lot in these past five months.

    1. Thx. I think the list does give me some focus and accountability.......but I still get off track, just not as quickly :-))

  2. You really have done some beautiful pieces and I love the rug and basket patterns.


    1. Thx. I started the rug way too long ago and would really like to get it finished.