Thursday, May 9, 2013

More Birthdays

Macy has celebrated her birthday several times this month.  On the actual date of her birthday her parents took her to Atlanta to eat out, shop and spend the night in a hotel (one of her favorite things).  She took her new American Girl Doll, Sage, along with her to enjoy it all.  Note that cute smile with both upper teeth missing!

Ashley and Macy at Magiano's

Macy and Sage

And Robert is now fourteen.  I can hardly believe it.  He is taller than I am.  We celebrated his birthday last night with a family gathering at his favorite Japanese Steakhouse, Tokyo.  And, of course, he had one of my strawberry wouldn't be his birthday without one.

Robert and Christi

Birthday traditions.
Family celebrations and all of the chaos involved.
A good night of sleep.

Take care,


  1. Ah, a child that likes American Girl dolls! My daughter never cared for dolls nor my grand-daughter. Years ago, I made Barbie doll clothes and sold them or gave them to a multitude of neighbor girls and relative's daughters. My daughter had a box full of the dolls and clothes which made the neighbor girls happy but she didn't much care to play with the items.

  2. My other granddaughter could care less about dolls, but this one loves her. I loved mine into my teenage years!!!!

  3. We have about 10 May birthdays in my husbands family, so we usually gather on a single day and celebrate with a big birthday bash! So much fun!