Sunday, May 26, 2013


A couple of weeks ago a few of us hookers, weavers and spinners spent a fun day dyeing different fibers.  We were so busy that I didn't get any photos of that day, but here are the things that I dyed:

This is a wool yarn that was in a plastic garbage bag in the haul of stuff that came with my loom.  The original color is the cream color on the bottom.  The top yarn was dyed with Cushing dye in a Presto Pot using Citric Acid as a mordant.  I love the rich chestnut color that resulted.

This is also a wool yarn that came from that same stash.  I figured I had nothing to lose, so just had fun with this one.  I added several colors of Cushing Dye and steamed it in the oven in a casserole pan at 300 degrees for an hour, mordanting with Citric Acid.  Thinking I might crochet some slippers with this worsted weight yarn.

This pile of floss was really bright colors.  I dumped them in a dye bath with Rit dye and came out with dulled colors that I'll be more likely to use.  Think they will work great for needle punch.

Later, after having watched the other gals dye some roving, I got up the nerve to try some on my own.
I used Cushing dye with Citric Acid as a mordant and gently steamed the roving in a casserole dish in the oven at 300 degrees for an hour.  I was very careful not to agitate or overhandle the roving, and it didn't felt.  I wish the color had been more saturated with less white, but it was a good learning experience......and I think I will have fun spinning it.  The top photo is how it looked after drying.  The bottom one is after I fluffed it a bit and braided it.  Pretty cool.  

You can teach an old dog (woman) new tricks.

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  1. Nice job on the dyeing! I haven't done any for months and months and sure would like to get back to it! I've never dyed roving - it makes me too nervous! LOL

  2. Thanks! It was fun. My friend, Kathie, dyed a beautiful wool fabric. Wish I had a photo of it. Too bad you aren't close enough to join us!!