Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Hooking Fever

Sometimes it seems that I get focused on one type of project and don't do a thing on anything else.  It has been that way with rughooking this month......and it has netted me two finishes.  Both of them were longtime UFOs, so that is great.

Semper Fi is blocked, bound and labelled.  Ordered some neat wooden checkers to use to play on it from Amazon.

Next is Albany Sampler....from 2007.....blocked, whipped and bound, and labelled.  Ready to be hung after I take it to Caraway in June for the rug show.

And, finally, I pulled this rug out of the UFO bin and started to work on it.  It was started probably four years ago at Caraway with Jeanne Benjamin.  The pattern is Lion and Lamb by the late Patsy Becker.  I absolutely adore it, but kind of got hung up on the leaves and stuffed it into the back of the closet.  I worked on it a bit the other day and I think I am heading in the right direction.  Would love to get it finished in time for Caraway this year.

Lots still going on around here.  Gardening, yard work, birthdays and end of the school year stuff for the grands.  And I have been feeling a bit lazy lately.  Don't know what is up with that, but hope it doesn't continue!  I need to get motivated again.

A long afternoon nap on the back porch swing.
Reading a really good book.
Mother's Day with my daughters and families.

Take care,


  1. I love your rugs! Keep going on the lion and lamb. I love the grassy area and the leaves. Sometimes if you let a project age a bit the right answers come easily.