Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Sally Post.....Back on Track

Last month I fell behind on Sally and didn't get my three blocks done.  On Sunday I realized that it is almost the end of May, and I still haven't done the blocks for this month or last.  Not good.  So, I got my show in the road and I am now caught up.......until the end of the week when it will be June.

 Blocks 10 - 12

Blocks 13-15

Now, early on in the game, someone from my Yahoo group asked me if I planned to make the stripes go in the same direction on all of the blocks.  Well, of course I did......and I would pay particular attention to getting that right.  So, take a peek at the top photo.  How did that happen???  I thought I was so careful.  And then I looked back and found some other blocks with the same orientation.  But, alas, have no fear.  Sally, unknowingly, has helped me out here.  If I set the blocks in the same style that she did, I have done it exactly right ( her blocks are set on point with two rows facing the right and two rows facing the left instead of top to bottom).  All of the blocks will have the stripes facing in the same direction!!! Amazing.  I won't be able to set the blocks numerically just like she did, but it certainly takes care of itself.  Thank you, Sally!!

If you have a few seconds, please go to my daughter's blog and read the incredible post about Sara Ashley's award and her initial experience at the Bedford School.  Brings tears to my eyes.

The unexpected sighting of a freshly tilled field with good ole red Georgia earth.
Comfy old clothes.
Peanut butter sandwiches.

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  1. Hello - I was just searching for Sally Post and read that the blocks are again being offered as a freebie. I couldn't find where though - or are they only for purchase now?