Saturday, May 25, 2013

My Family Redwork

The My Family Redwork BOM meets again next week.  Thanks to a little nudge from my friend and co-BOMer, Micki, I am finished with our assignment and ready for class.  Generally I wait until the night before, then am working in a frantic tizzy to try to finish.  It feels good to be prepared.  This project gets a check mark on my May List.

Most of us changed the blocks up some, making them applicable to our own families.  That was part of the fun.

The large family block has my girls standing with me on the left.  I am holding hands with Blake, who is standing with his kids on the right.  The schnauzers (couldn't fit both of them in) and Poppy are represented on the bottom of the block.

The heart blocks are stitched just as in the pattern.

On this set of blocks, I changed the word "Dog" to "Dogs" in the upper right hand block.  I totally did away with the "My Cats" block in the pattern and created "My Grands" on the lower right hand block.  Obviously, I couldn't get all seven grands on the block, so I just stitched a boy and a girl to represent the mix.

In the upper left hand block, I stitched chickens instead of the "Bee" Block to represent my little flock.
On the upper right hand block another bird was added inside the cage and changed from "Bird" to "Birds" for Frankie and Fred, our finches.  In the bottom left "Car" block the bird on top was changed to a chicken.  The "My Horse" block on the lower right was originally "My Pony" and had a bird on its back......since I had a horse as a teenager, it became a horse and the bird became a chicken.

This month we will get the instructions to finish the wallhanging.  This has been an enjoyable project; not too precise, just fun.  And it has really gotten me in the mood to do more embroidery.

A needle and thread in my hand.
Dappled sunlight through brilliant green leaves.
The hum of the dryer tumbling sweet smelling, clean clothes.

Take care,

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  1. Creative the way you changed things in the design to represent your family and home. You stitch very nicely.