Saturday, September 1, 2012

Happy Labor Day Weekend!!

Yikes, has it been two weeks since I posted last???  Where does the time go?

I haven't accomplished much on the stitching/hooking front the last two weeks.  I did accomplish the goals I had set........4 of the Meadow Cosmos blocks are stitched, and here is the Wish Upon A Star rug with binding completed:

Once I got the hang of it, I liked the binding method and would use it again.  Now this guy is all ready for Christmas.

The Eric's Day girls all completed their cute little Santas.  It is so funny that each of us used the same pattern and they all turned out so differently.  I love all of them........I especially love Diane's beard.  I will definitely be making more of these.  So much fun!!

My sewing room is completely packed up while the flooring guys redo the portion of the basement floor that was damaged, and this has significantly slowed down my progress.  I did get my loom moved upstairs and set up, along with my weaving yarns.  Thought I was going to be able to warp it and get started weaving, but I broke a part that has to be replaced.  Darn.  That has left me doing some prep work on Over the Meadow and My Favorite Things.

My goal for this coming get my sewing room back in order before our Family Reunion next Saturday.  Hopefully the floors will be completely done by Tuesday.  It is going to be tight, getting everything done!  Wish me luck

The hummingbirds have been swarming here for the past two weeks.  Usually we have four or six for most of the summer, then lots for a week or so right before they head South.  This year we have had ten or more for an extended period of time.  Seems I am constantly filling the feeders, but it is worth it. Photographing these guys is quite a challenge.

Last week I went to the chicken house to check on the girls and found two eggs!!!  One was Bobbie's, laid carefully in nest box #4.......her usual place.  The other was on the floor of the chicken run.  It was a different color, texture and, who did it belong to???  No clue, and we haven't had another since until today.........same color, texture and size, but this time laid on the floor of the chicken coop.  Who is this mystery hen????

Could it be pretty little Bella, the Barred Rock?  Her comb is looking mature.........

Or maybe Ronnie, the Blue Laced Wyandotte?

I don't believe it is Chloe.........because I have an inkling that Chloe is not a girl..........grrrrrrrrrrrr!

That is all for today.


Fresh veggies from the garden stored in the freezer, promising a taste of summer goodness on a cold winter day.
Good neighbors.
Funny chickens.

Take care,


  1. Your hooked projects are so fun - I especially like those Santas with their beards - can you tell me what pattern you used? It's always fun to see the variety when different people use the same pattern, huh?

  2. The snowman rug turned out beautiful. And the little santas are darling.

  3. The snowman rug....adorable! Those little Santas piqued my interest. How are they made? They would make great holiday gifts for prim friends.

  4. Thanks, everyone. They were fun projects. The link to the pattern to the Santa is on the August 17th post........just click on the red writing and it will take you to the etsy shop. She has some other cute patterns, too. He is just hooked on the front, a wool back attached, stuffed with polyfil and then a baggie of BBs in the base and a wool covered cardboard strip on the bottom. They were pretty easy to assemble once we got into it. If you did them production line, you could turn some out. And they were all hooked from our worm bags, which made it even better!!!

  5. I love your santas. Could you tell me where I can find that pattern?

    Thanks, Hannah