Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Summer's End

I relish the last days of summer when the weather is starting to cool off, the plants revive to give a last flourish of color and the days begin to get a little shorter.  Back porch swing time........lovely.


Garden house porch

The sweet potato vine that ate the world and volunteer tomato plants from the compost pile in the background.

A jumble of old fashioned flowers at the garden fence.

In an attempt to discourage the crows from completely depriving us of the last of our tomato crop, John, Blake and I constructed this decidedly unoriginal scarecrow.  Surprisingly, it has worked so far.  Poor Poppy is certainly a believer........she has barked her poor head off at the thing.

Have you ever seen a running fern?  For a couple of years after we moved here, this vine kept popping up out of the miniature gardenias.  After pulling it up for the first two years, I finally took notice of it last year and realized it looked like a fern!  I have since provided it with a small trellis and it has flourished for the last two summers.

This is Jackson with his teacher.  He is really growing up and has quite the personality.  He started 3 year old preschool today and he was really looking forward to it.............can you tell from that look???

Did I mention that it's a dog's life around here?


Naps on the backporch swing.
The sweet snore of these old doggies.
Fresh eggs.....and there were two yesterday morning.....we definitely have two layers.

Take care,


  1. Jackson is a handsome one!!! Looks as though he likes his teacher too!

    Your plants and garden look wonderful! Beautiful pictures, thanks for sharing.

    :) Carolyn

  2. I would love to come sit with you. Your garden looks wonderful. Not the same kind of backyard view we have. We are in a neighborhood with homes close together. Our lot sits beside a small lake. Not a garden view but interesting.