Saturday, September 8, 2012

Family Time and stuff

We celebrated Rob's birthday on Labor Day.  Good food, good company and another chance to enjoy family time.

For some reason it was impossible to get a good family picture this time.  Oh, well, we take what we can.  Am I shrinking?  Look at the height of these grandchildren!

Today we hosted the annual Adcock Family reunion.  No photos, but a good time was had by all.  And good food........oh, my!  I am stuffed.

The floors were dry and ready for us to reinhabit the basement on Thursday.  It was a frenzy trying to get everything in order and ready to have folks over on Saturday, but with some very good help we did it.  Thanks, Pangie, Carvin and John!

It feels really good to have my sewing studio back in order.  After I recover from today, I will be ready to stitch again.  Miss M, the loom, was moved upstairs where there is more space and light for her.....and closet space to store the yarns so that they are easy to see.  It also makes the sewing studio much less cramped.  And I think it will make me more productive.  I don't do well working in such tight quarters.  I need to feel organized and moderately tidy, and that wasn't happening.  I was able to reorganize the closet space and wool so that everything can be accessed more easily and am pleased with the results.  Just hope I can keep it that way.........while making some progress on my projects!

 Library nook with comfy chair for sitting and stitching or hooking.

 Part of my quilting stash.

 Work area with design wall and cutting station.....and cubbies full of projects waiting to be done.

 Other side of work area.

Wool Stash.

While I was unable to work in the sewing studio a little handwork was accomplished.........twelve more of these little Blackbird Designs baskets.  There are now 41........with twice that many I can probably make a lap quilt.  No way am I going for the 200+ required to make a full sized quilt!!!  I have already been working on these for a couple of years and they really aren't difficult, just not on my priority list.

Someone on my one of my Yahoo prim groups had made this adorable wallhanging (older pattern by Cheri Saffiote Payne for Indygo Junction).  It is made in patriotic colors (thus the name), but can't you just see the background done in Christmas green?  I fell in love with the pattern and had to add it to my collection.

I have been saving My Points gift cards and birthday gift cards to buy this multi cooker at Williams Sonoma.   I am a big fan of slow cookers, but my last large one was awful.  It consistently scorched the food on the bottom even on low, and I was afraid to go away and leave it running.  This baby is a dream.  It slow cooks, sautes, broils and steams........and it does it well.  I am pleased.

Have to share one chicken picture......

Stella, who spends an inordinate amount of time being very nosy and terrorizing her dorm mates.

Time for a little dinner.


Family gatherings.
Cooler weather.
Soft, well worn t-shirts.
A good night of sleep.

Take care,


  1. Wow! Super tidy craft room.
    Love the cupboard of wool.

  2. Thanks.......I am sure it won't stay that way, but it makes me feel goo to be able to find things. I definitely need to go on a wool diet.......didn't realize I had so much. But an artist needs a palette, right?