Saturday, August 18, 2012

See Macy Sew

Macy called yesterday evening and said she wanted to visit.  She had something special in mind I was to discover.  Not the usual desire to visit the chickens.  She wanted to learn to sew.  A pillow seemed to be a simple start.  She chose her fabric and some shiny buttons.  We cut a nice contrasting wool heart in her favorite color, blue.  She hand stitched it and the buttons on, and then, with a little help, we got the pillow stitched up and stuffed.  Did I mention that she is only six and left handed???  She did a great job!  We finished the visit with some flower picking and arranging, resulting in a nice bouquet to present to her mom when she came to pick her up.

Last night was one of those sleepless nights.......probably because I knew I had to be up at six this morning.  I spent the day at a training session for the Good News Club, which our church will be presenting again this year at our local elementary school.  It is a wonderful program and has introduced many children to Jesus.  We have over 120 children already registered.

Afterwards we went to Becky & Kit's for BBQ Dinner following Turin's annual Tractor Pull.  It was a great dinner.  Thanks, guys.

Got the last book from the lot I ordered this week in the mail today.  A wonderful, classic cookbook recommended by good friend Laura, whose family has sworn by it for years.  The price was right on eBay.....just under $8 including shipping!

Being pooped due to a busy day and lack of sleep, a nice hot soak in the tub was called for.........during which I started and completed this sweet read.......grab the tissues if you decide to partake.

And now, it is time to fall in the bed.  Sunday School and Church tomorrow.............


The opportunity to make memories with family.
Freedom to practice my religion without fear.
Folks who love animals.

Take care,

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  1. How awesome that Macy wanted to learn to sew. Her pillow looks fantastic. Let us know how you like the cookbook!