Sunday, September 2, 2012

Chicken time.....

These chickens are really growing.  It is hard to realize it until you go back and look at their photos when they first arrived at Over the Hill Farm. Am hoping that by fall we will have eggs for us and eggs to share!

 Pretty Snowflake

Long legged Ronnie.......look at the beautiful blue lacing on her plumage.

Puff, the smallest of the flock

Alex, the timid one.

Curious Ginger

Macy, one of the crazy twins

Stella........pullet or roo???  I am not so sure about this one, either.

Sweet Bella

On Friday, Blake and I hit several Yard Sales.  Labor Day weekend is usually a pretty good time for that around here.  Surprisingly, we found only one thing to come home with us.........a used kitty litter dome.  Really :-))  The minute I saw it, I knew the chickens would love it.  I brought it home, disinfected it well and introduced it to the chickens.  The jury is still out..............

The butterflies flock to our lantana every year.  It gets way too large, but we hate to cut it back because we enjoy the beautiful butterflies so much.


All of God's creatures, great and small........well, except snakes....sorry.
The people who actually read my blog.......thank you.
A forum through which I can journal and share.

Take care,


  1. Your photos are lovely. Butterflies hold a special place in my heart.
    P.S. I'm with you on the snakes too :)

  2. Can you please add spiders to that too.
    Love the names of the chooks.

    1. The grandkids named the chickens.......they have way more imagination than I do :-))

  3. Funny, I am okay with spiders.......even lizards......but NOT snakes :-)) Thanks for visiting my blog!

  4. Hi Jennie! I've just discovered your blog! Your pictures are beautiful! The chickens are so cute! Thanks for sharing