Friday, September 21, 2012

Time flies........

Honestly, where does the time go???  It seems I am "in the road" an inordinate amount of the time.  But it is generally by choice.......and I am not going to work!!! it is good.

I only accomplished one of my goals for the past week.  The Meadow Cosmos blocks are completely stitched down.  Now to get them trimmed and set together.  That is one of my goals for next week.

I did not get my weaving projects washed, blocked and hemmed, but that is on my list for tomorrow.

What I did work on was my hooked Scroll Runner.  Realizing that my teacher, Eric, would be here next month and I really haven't worked on this rug since he was here last, I knew it was time to get busy.   One side of the motifs we planned last time are now mostly hooked and I plan to try to get the other side hooked next week.  My goal is to also get some of the scrolls finished before he comes, and that is rather tedious work, so it is time to get my nose to the grindstone.

We had a new experience with the chickens this week.  It seems they had some kind of respiratory illness going on, so I contacted our local chicken guru for advice.  The advice was to administer antibiotic injections to all of them twice this week......really.  Now, I thought I had retired from the nursing business, but apparently not.  It has been an experience to say the least.  All of the coughing is gone, but Lily still has a goopy eye.......though it is better.  On the brighter side of the chicken business, we are averaging two delicious eggs daily.......from Bobbie, Bella and the mystery layer.  Today we gave them pea vines that Blake and John pulled up from the garden and they had a grand time with them.

 Chloe......just look at those gorgeous feathers!


Macy and Jackson spent the afternoon at Over the Hill Farm this week and we had a good time.  Macy helped gather eggs and drive the Gator.  Jackson played on the swings and rode the Gator with Pop.  They are getting so big.........

Sara Ashley turned eleven yesterday.  She had her first Junior Cotillion practice....just look how she has grown up.  She had to wear gloves. Her mom found an old pair of mine and cleaned them up for sentimental!  Tonight we had her family birthday party at Sprayberry's and had a great time.  She got a huge surprise from her parents.........a horse of her own!!!  I can hardly wait to see her riding Dakota.


Fall crops planted in the garden.
The joyful laughter of grandchildren.
The fresh, clean scent of my daughter's hair as I kissed her.
Rascal's sweet, soulful eyes.

Take care,


  1. I love the muted look of the Meadow Cosmos blocks. Did you use a kit for these?

    1. No, but I did try to pretty much duplicate the look in the "In the Meadow" book by using the BBD fabrics from the Meadow line with a few others thrown in.

  2. Your rug is gorgeous and love the black background. I have made a few large ones, I know how much work goes into them.


    1. Thx, Debbie......only a fellow hooker would understand. With this one, the floral segments are easy, but oh those scrolls!!!

  3. Your Meadow Cosmos blocks look fabulous!! I love anything from BBD's needles, but haven't made any of their appliqué quilts as they are all huge. But as seeing yours, I may have to make one someday...

    1. They are large, but you could always cut down on the size. They always turn out well.......beautiful designs.