Monday, September 10, 2012

Getting my groove back..........

It is time to get busy and get my groove back.  Declaring my goals for the week seemed to be working well for me and I want to continue doing that.  My last goal was to get my sewing studio back up and running, and that was accomplished.  This week I would like to finish the buttonhole stitching on all of the Meadow Cosmos blocks.  That was started last night.

I would also like to get the Overshot runner and dishtowel washed, blocked and hemmed.  I am anxious to see how the wool in the runner fulls out.  Runner is on left, towel on right.

While I was exiled from my sewing studio, I needed a simple project to take to my monthly hooking group.  Fortunately I had stashed a kit, Patriotic Checkers,  that was purchased from Minnick and Simpson several years ago, in the upstairs closet (see, there is a reason for having stash from one end of the house to the other).  It suited the situation perfectly.  Thus, I have started another rug.  But, really, it is perfect for those times when you do mindless hooking.

Yesterday as Blake and I were in the process of preserving some more veggies from the garden, I decided to give my fridge a much needed cleaning.........not my favorite job.  Alas, way in the back was the sadly neglected sourdough starter.  Hoping it might just be able to be revived, I pulled it out, washed the crock and fed it.  It rose to the occasion, and I will be making some sourdough bread to go with the chili in the crockpot.

On Friday a dear hooking, quilting and prayer group friend tragically and unexpectedly lost her husband.  She has been through so much the last few years, and has just retired and was really enjoying her life.  I know that her strong faith will once again pull her through, but if you pray, she could really use your prayers.  And give your husbands a big hug for no reason at all, other than you love him.....the best reason of all.

Now it is time for some stitching.


Friends who pray.
Blake, my wonderful husband.
The smell of chili bubbling in the crockpot.

Take care,


  1. Great sewing going on in your studio! I totally agree with you about "there is a reason for having stash from one end of the house to the other." Good for us ;)I haven't hooked a rug, but it looks very much fun and pretty. I love almost anything from King Arthur Flour, too. I will be so busy after visiting your place, with sewing, stitching and baking!!!

  2. Sounds like we are kindred spirits :-)) You just need to try your hand at rug hooking!

  3. I purchased a hooking frame a couple years ago and have not done anything with it yet. Always busy making quilts. But it is a handcraft I would like to conquer. There are so many wonder prim designs.

    1. It is certainly addicting and a nice change from quilting. The repetition of pulling up loops is soothing to me.