Saturday, January 23, 2016

Postage Stamp Stars - Check

The 24 Postage Stamp Stars are done. I almost hate to see them finished. These are blocks I wouldn't mind revisiting.
Now to figure out a setting.  Linking up for the RSC...please visit via the link on my sidebar.

Sew Crazies met on Friday despite the gloomy weather. A couple of us worked on 6" blocks that will be a part of an exchange between our group. Each person will make enough blocks from their pattern to share with the group and keep one. I made this one from practice fabric.
The points are really not on the edge of the just looks that way because I cropped the photo.

This has been one of those weeks where I accomplished almost nothing on the stitching front. I accept that there will always be weeks like that. It once sent me into a tailspin, but no more.

On Tuesday, Blake and I attended our first Master Gardener class. Plant Pathology doesn't sound like the most intriguing subject, but the speaker was great and I thoroughly enjoyed it.

And then this sweet baby came into our lives.
You forget how busy a little one keeps you. But so worth it.

Macy's cheer team, Southern Stars, won another first place trophy this weekend.
So proud of her....she has really blossomed.

Take Care,


  1. your blocks are great, your puppy is so adorable, and wow...look at that little cheerleader is stealing hearts already♥

  2. That is a really big trophy! Some weeks have more sewing time than others. Life happens though.

  3. Those Postage Stamp Stars are gorgeous! I can see why you are sad to finish with the number you need, but just THINK of the beautiful quilt they will make!! Non-sewing weeks can be a bummer, but maybe a quilty week is coming.

  4. Your quilting is beautiful as always!
    Oh, that new little furbaby is melting my heart. SO CUTE!!! God Bless you for rescuing her.
    Your Macy is too sweet. Congrats to her cheer team.
    Happy Sunday.
    Hugs :)

  5. I love your postage stamp stars! Such pretty colors! And thanks for sharing the pics of your new puppy. That just made me smile!

  6. Adorable puppy -- and those postage stamp star blocks are great.

  7. Beautiful postage stamp stars. Blocks finished is a step to New quilt.
    Congrats, the new puppy is so cute.

  8. I like the postage stamp stars. The color is one that I like. And you get to use so many different fabrics in each one.