Friday, January 1, 2016

And We Are Off!!!

Welcome 2016!!! My slow down and soak in the gifts and possibilities of each precious day.  And to be the beautiful and the difficult.  Help me to remember this. Life is not a race.

I finished up my grandkid and grand dog sitting duties about one today. This poor grand dog looked about like I felt!
The kids were easy. Keeping tiny Maya and big Bear safe with each other was challenging. Bear is still such a puppy, and just doesn't understand why he can't tussle hard with little Maya.

Came home to cook our traditional Southern New Year's dinner of ham, black eyed peas, collards (straight from the garden), rice and cornbread. We should have a prosperous NY.

Tonight was spent cutting Clue 2 of Allietaire.

And then a little down time with this sweet girl.

 Take Care,

1 comment:

  1. I like your 2016 new year's resolution!
    That little Maya looks a lot like my little Ellie.
    Hugs :)