Sunday, January 10, 2016

Finally, A Slow Stitching Sunday

I did a little Slow Stitching and am linking up at Kathy's blog. Click the link on my sidebar to see what everyone else is doing.

My slow stitching was weaving in the ends on the five dishcloths I knit for myself. They are also my first finishes of the year.
I was desperately needing these. I knit 6 each for the girls for Christmas, so I figured it was my turn.

I also did my circle for the day...

And then it was on to a faster pace.  I finished six postage stamp blocks that I was behind on for RSC2015. I was feeling pretty smug about having all of the blocks made for a quilt (2 for each month), when I realized we only made eleven colors, therefore I made 22 blocks.  I really need two more to have 4 x 6. Think maybe I will do turquoise.
September Orange
October Brown
November Lime.

Now maybe I will work on Allietaire for a bit.

Roxie took a tumble down our basement stairs last Sunday. We were beyond horrified.  She hates the stairs and never attempts them.  Fortunately, she wasn't hurt, though I am sure her old bones ached. And we will be putting the gate up to keep her off the stairs from now on.  
I dug out the heating pad, turned it on low (only when we are at home) and padded her bed well with a couple of thicknesses of an old, soft towel.  She thinks she is in heaven :-)).

Take Care,


  1. Poor Roxie. I'm so happy she is ok.
    You are one productive woman! Nothing slow about you!
    Hugs :)

  2. Poor Roxie! She looks like a mini schnauzer??? I have one and she is such a delight. I hope she feels better soon.

    Your blocks look great.