Saturday, January 30, 2016

A Blue for the RSC

I swore that I would not start the colors for RSC 2016 until I finished last year's. And I almost made it through the month without succumbing.  I didn't start the Row Quilt, although I really want to do it.
But I did make this strip star...
Seems I am really hung up on stars lately.  
I learned that some colors are just too light for the star points. But by that time the block was already assembled, so I will live with it. Linking up with Angela for the RSC. Click on the button on the sidebar to see what others are up to.

I also finished the hooking on my vintage postcard bunny that I started at Caraway last summer.
Another one for the binding pile. It is nice to know that both of my rug camp projects will be finished, not UFOs.

Picked these beautiful harbingers of Spring up at the grocery this week...on sale for $2.75!

We have a second new layer at the hen house. Look at how splotchy this one is in comparison to the other.

Miss Mattie is settling in. She is cute and sweet and mighty spunky.

Napping with Daisy.
Rough housing with Buddy.

Hope you make time for this....

Take Care,


  1. I love your scrappy star! I think the points are fine!
    Cute, cute dogs!!

  2. So many nice pictures and thoughts in this post. I really like your strip star and didn't think anything of the lighter blues til you mentioned them, still like the block just as it is. Cute little puppy.

  3. Where shall I begin - a wonderful post. Love your star and the colour of those eggs is something else! You have three beautiful dogs and that Miss Mattie looks a treasure - as are all dogs!!

  4. I think the lighter blues are just fine. I can still tell that it is a star.

  5. I just love your postcard bunny rug!
    Growing up we had chickens but just ordinary ones that laid white or brown eggs, not the fun colors you see now.
    Miss Mattie is absolutely adorable. How could you not fall in love with her ... but not sure I'd want a puppy again. I prefer the middle aged gals.
    Happy Sunday :)

  6. Your adaptation of the vintage post card is awesome. That pup is soooooo adorable and happy she is all settled in. Have never seen red eggs before. Tulips, a little spring inside and winter outside.

  7. LOVE, Love, love that Strippy Star block!!! That might be an idea for all of those String Blocks that I made during RSC15. Imitation is the most sincere form of flattery, right?!

  8. So many pretty things to look at - stars and puppies and tulips and polkadot eggs and... everything!

  9. I spy a Jinney Beyer blue in your block. I recognize it as it was one of my favorites from her line of fabrics from early in my quilting adventures.

  10. I have to say I have never seen eggs like that--amazing! Your hooked bunny is just stunning!