Friday, January 15, 2016

In Need of a Finish

Last night I felt a strong need to be able to chalk up a finish.  When you are an ADD crafter like me, with dozens of projects in progress and even more UFOs, sometimes you really need to feel as if you have accomplished something.
To prove to yourself that you can follow through.

So, Spring Basket (pattern by Kathie Meyers) is finished.

The basket is hooked in a technique called Reverse Hooking, meaning you flip it over and hook from the back. You pull the loops up higher in the back and skip the number of spaces desired for the look you want to achieve. Mine was done with an 8.5 cut skipping 4 holes. When you finish, you anchor the loops in the back by running a thread through.
The basket rim, bottom and handles are chain stitch in an 8 cut.

When you finish, it looks a mess on the back.
That problem is solved by whipping a piece of wool over the area after blocking.
I used a wool strip....I also used the same wool strip in lieu of rug tape since I didn't have any tape that looked good with it. I am not going to add a label, but instead I will use a fabric market and write directly onto the fabric binding.

Woohoo!!! And I think that I have another project that I can finish right away. It is raining AGAIN here in Georgia....great stitching weather.

Great advice from Bonnie at Quiltville.

Take Care,


  1. Jennie,
    That is a great finish and thank you so much for explaining to me again and showing pictures. One of these days I will have to try it. When I bind my rugs, I almost always use wool in lieu of rug tape. I like it so much better.
    You are one heck of an ADD crafter!
    Happy Saturday.
    Hugs :)

  2. A very pretty finish--I've never seen that hooking technique before--it looks great for a basket!