Tuesday, June 4, 2013

The Garden Path

The paths in our garden leave a lot to be desired.  Now, don't think that I am not grateful for all that we have gotten done over the past two summers.  It really is truly remarkable.  I mean, take a look at 2010.

Three sad little beds on a plot of land scraped clean of all it's topsoil.....basically rocks and weeds.

And today......

That being said, the pathways between the beds basically still looked like the ground on the 2010 photo.  And by the end of the summer, with even our most valiant efforts, the weeds overtake the paths and make traversing them a snaky feeling proposition.  And weed eating threatens to destroy all of the plants spilling over from the beds.

So, last week "The Help" got to work.

Pathway before prepping the ground

Weeds and rocks removed.

Weed block paper in place. (This is where I helped.)


All compliments of "The Help"......proudly standing on their brand new pathways.....looking a little worse for the wear, but hey, it is so worth it.

What a great job!!!  Thanks, guys.  Now to finish the other half of the garden......just sayin'.

A garden's promise of summer bounty.
The rich smell of earth and mulch.
Chickens clucking happily in the background.

Take care,


  1. "the Help" look like such a wonderful bunch. Your so lucky to have them. The garden looks wonderful.

  2. Uh, can the Help come to my backyard next? Because of that darned huge oak tree in the front yard that Jack won't have taken down, our front yard is now only giving about two or three hours of sun a day to the veggies and they aren't liking that one bit. So have to move it all to the back yard in the fall. But FIRST - have to clear a big plot so that five beds will fit and actually have pathways around them like yours LOL I NEED the HELP!

    1. Sorry, you'll have to get your own help.........mine have a HUGE "honey do" list :-)))) Have to go with Jack on the tree. It would be hard to see it go.