Thursday, June 6, 2013

Chicken update

It has been awhile since there has been a chicken update, so I thought it was time I shared a few new photos of some of the flock.

Ronnie the Roo.  So handsome and such a gentleman.

Lacy, one of the crazy twins.

Inquisitive Ginger.

Bobbie, the Head Hen.

It seems as though Ronnie might be having a bit of a sexual identity crisis.  Several times lately I have seen him go into a nest.  Today, when Sara Ashley and I were doing a little chicken house maintenance, we saw him go into the Kitty Litter Dome turned into nesting box, and decided we would see what he was doing.  Listen to his hen-like clucking.

John and Blake planted new potatoes this year......their first venture into potato farming.  Today they harvested the first tub full.......quite a nice haul.

We are looking forward to having some of them roasted on the grill.

An experiment that turns out in a positive way.
Chicken antics.
Much needed summer rain.

Take care,

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