Sunday, June 9, 2013

A Little Quilting Time

Squeezed in a little quilting time last week......trying to get ahead, since I know I will miss a whole week of anything but hooking this month when I am at Caraway.

Here is Block 10 of Garden Baskets.  I am excited to be getting close to the end of this BOM.  Baskets are my favorite, and these little ones are just plain cute.

All of the String X blocks are assembled.  They are a bit more fiddly than making regular string blocks.  They involve lots more trimming, and then you must also add the triangles.  I do like the results, though, and it is nice that every little bit came from scraps and stash.  I am now ready to trim the remaining blocks to size and assemble the top.

I couldn't resisit assembling one set of blocks just to see how they were going to look.

The earthy garden smell after a summer rain.
A good haircut.
Hugs from grandchildren.....and children.

Take care,

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