Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Sweet Summertime

My intentions are good, but it is almost impossible for me to pass up great BOMs. As I have said before, I believe it is an addiction. Nor, as you will see, can I pass up those cute summer offerings that present as a Block of the Week. And what on earth makes me think I can keep up????

This summer I succumbed to two offerings. One is a great wool on cotton club from Primitive Gatherings which includes a small freebie block with it weekly. I will post both of those together later, but the small block is already stitched and my intent is to stitch the larger one before leaving for rug camp on Sunday.

The other one is a wall hanging with a large central block surrounded by 24 smaller 4" finished blocks. It is from Temecula Quilt Company. Half of the 24 blocks are appliqués and the remaining 12 are the tiniest of Dresden Plates. Too cute for words, this little Sweet Summertime quilt.  Here are the first two blocks.

This is my first post using my new iPad.......thanks, Blake..... and figuring out how to post the photo was a bit of a challenge.  Hopefully it will be easier with experience.

An indulgent husband.
An unexpected phone call from a cousin who had been out of touch for awhile.
Anticipation of upcoming rug camp.

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  1. Oh, oh! The Temecula project.....wonderful! I did not sign up but I can see I should have.