Saturday, August 22, 2015

RSC Saturday

Woohoo!!! My RSC2015 (click on the button on the sidebar to see what others are doing) blocks are all done. I am caught up and now ready to get started on the setting blocks so that I can begin setting it together.  My photos aren't great, but here goes...,



I have one project to finish that has an absolute deadline. After that I am going to try my best to avoid deadlines and just have some fun with my stitching.  I don't consider the RSC as a project with a deadline, because there is no pressure from anyone aside from myself. I just like to keep up, as I am afraid if I fall too far behind I won't catch up and it will be another UFO.

Lots of yard work yesterday, but last night I did start a little project that I hope to finish over the weekend.

Hope you all have some stitching time, too.

In case you haven't figured it out, we love our doggies here.

Take Care,


  1. Your June, July, and August RSC blocks all turned out well. I understand your desire to "keep up" because goodness knows we have enough UFOs as it is!! Just keep quilting...

  2. Beautiful blocks! Hope you have time this week to play a bit of catch up.

  3. Fabulous job of getting caught up. Great looking blocks :-)

  4. Glad you're caught up! Your blocks are looking great. Deadlines can be useful, but they can also create stress we don't need. Here's to less stress!

  5. Aw. The dog is too precious.
    Great job on your quilt blocks.
    Hugs :)

  6. So great to get caught up! Three months work completed in short time.

  7. Happy to hear you are caught up. Love your blocks.

  8. You are playing catch up...I made catsup this weekend! Lovely blocks. No deadlines....perfect! I have lots of deadlines at work...none at home.