Saturday, August 15, 2015

More Scrappy Saturday

Still playing catch up with the RSC2015, and linking up tonight.

Indigo Postage Stamp Stars.

Red Wonky Star.

Indigo Wonky Star.

Next week I will work on the sampler blocks. I need to get June, July and August done. 

Take Care,


  1. Great blocks this week. I like the design of your blog page. The quilt blocks really pop against the black background. It reminds me of the old photo albums - black pages, gummed black photo corners and then wow, the first colour prints. Very dramatic!

  2. You've got a nice selection of blocks. Good luck with catching up on your RSC Sampler blocks!!

  3. Great progress on your blocks. Best of luck with the sampler blocks. I am sure you will be caught up in no time at all.

  4. All of your starts are beauties but I do love the wonky stars best of all, love the pieced background.

  5. I like the stars with the 36 squares in the center. What size are those squares?

  6. Beautiful blocks. I love them.

  7. Your indigo postage stamp blocks look great and so do your wonky star blocks. Looks like you are catching up.